Mocking Men For These Things Should Be Illegal

Men are supposed to be “tall, dark, and handsome”, so if you don’t fit that template, you’re sure to have encountered some form of mocking. You’re mocked for things that are almost completely outside your control and definitely in the “none of your own business” territory. This mocking leads to quite a lot of mental anguish in the victims and leaves them with long-lasting confidence issues. Here are 7 such reasons for which men are mocked that should be outlawed.


mocking men

They say “assoyakkum, kashandikkum marunnilla”. How cruel is it then to mock people for going bald?! We’ve been made to believe that a head full of hair is normal. But did you know that 16% of men between 16-29 years of age have Type A baldness, and this number increases to 53% in men between 40-49 years? Time we reconsidered “what is normal”, isn’t it?

Mudi, thaadi, and roomam

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have people who are branded ‘Kanjan’, ‘Kaattalan’, or ‘Karadi’. People want you to have the right amount of body hair, you see. If you have too much body hair, that’s something they must rub in your face. And if you’re someone who grows your hair in a way that is not “socially acceptable”, then you’re labelled a kanjan or kaatalan. The worst part is that this mentality is so entrenched in us that people are forced to cut their hair and shave their faces out of the necessity (to be employable).


“Aanaaya minimum oru 6 feet engilum aavanam!”, or they are ‘fondly’ referred to as kullan, chukkudu, kadikumani, etc. And don’t even get us started about men who have had the audacity to date/marry someone taller than them. Ever heard of the Napoleon Complex? People are not born with it, society feeds it into them!


Man boobs

mocking men

If you’re a “man”, you should have chiseled pectoral muscles. Having a flat chest is also somewhat acceptable. But if you have any saggy muscle in the chest region, you must be one lazy person and should be mocked into doing a few bench-presses. Again, this is one of those things driven out of the image of “the perfect body” and is body shaming at its worst.


In the checklist of “all things male” is ‘gambhiryam’ of voice. If your voice is of a slightly higher pitch than what is acceptable, then you’re mocked for having a ‘feminine voice’. We guess the aim of mocking your voice is to get you to swallow a voice modulator so you start sounding like Thilakan!

What you wear

If you wear certain colours (pink is the usual culprit) or wear accessories/makeup, society has to point out how you’re not conforming to the norm. Personal choice and expression don’t exist and you’re supposed to be just another ant in this anthill. The sooner you realise it, the better. Or you can just ask them to …


Showing any form of emotion (other than anger)

mocking men

Do we really have to explain this one?! Enough has been talked already about how “aankuttikal karayarilla” is toxic and all the harm it does. Ennalum onnum koodi parayaam. All of us are human and meant to show emotion, and all ranges of emotion. Don’t sit in a mental pottakinaru thinking “real men don’t show emotions”.


What are some reasons why you’ve been mocked?

Govindan K
I believe in challenging the status quo; I believe in thinking differently. I think differently because I try to absorb knowledge from anyone - regardless of the industry they’re working in.


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