Mmm Pulao Is The Best Place For Homemade Pulao

There exists a dish that is not as heavy as a biriyani but smells and tastes delicious like a biriyani. Yes, we’re talking about Pulao. This rice dish is very popular in the North and you’ll hardly find it in Kerala. Quite a sad fact for all the pulao lovers out here! But, don’t be upset. Mmm Pulao is the brand new food venture in Thrissur that serves salivating pulao.

Mmm Pulao is the latest addition to the food ventures in Thrissur from where you can get mouth-watering homemade Pulao. The appetizing aroma and flavorful taste of their pulao will make you crave it in the middle of the night. It’s that good. Mmm Pulao is a home kitchen for homemade chicken pulao. The venture started in June 2021. Within two months of their food journey, they received quite a good response.

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What’s Their Story?

It all started with a mother’s special pulao recipe, loved by family members and friends. It was so good that two brothers, Joseph and John, decided to start a food venture called Mmm Pulao, for their mother. “Many of our friends and family members love the special chicken pulao made by mom. Once they tasted the pulao, they started visiting again to have the same. This kind of demand and love from people towards our special Pulao made us think about making it available for everyone who loves to enjoy it,” shares Joseph about the story behind their venture. 

What makes this pulao unique is its secret recipe and in-house masalas. Fresh homegrown mint leaves and coriander leaves enrich the rich flavor of the pulao. Currently, Mmm Pulao provides their delicious chicken pulao to the customers in a combo of pulao, choice of cutlet (chicken or beef), chicken curry, salad, and pickle. The combo, which consists of 6 items, is priced at INR 190.

“Rather than making a revenue, the main motive behind this venture is to share the taste of our special homemade pulao with other food lovers. In the beginning, we didn’t expect this kind of acceptance. But, now we were getting more number of orders, and this means that people have started to love our food. That joy is a different high altogether,” added John.

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How Can You Order From Mmm Pulao?

If you wish to try the special homemade delight from Mmm Pulao, you can place your orders through Zomato and Swiggy. For take away, you can contact them through their Instagram handle – @mmmpulao

Location – Mannuthy-Paravattani Rd, Kalathode, Thrissur

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