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Ming Palace – The First Chinese Restaurant In Thrissur

Known for its delicious Chinese food and servings of large quantities, Ming Palace is the first Chinese restaurant in Thrissur. The 80s-90s kids of Thrissur would remember the obsession they all had with Ming Palace. It was one of those go-to hangout spots for students and families in Thrissur back in the day. Ming Palace has still not lost its touch and continues to keep its traditions alive. 

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Ming Palace: The First Chinese Restaurant In Thrissur

The restaurant is not easily recognisable as it sits on the first floor of the Pathans building. So if you’re new to the place, we suggest that you ask around before you get lost.

Ask any Thrissurite and they will tell you that Ming Palace is known for its abundant portions of food served per plate, at really reasonable rates. In terms of quality, I would say it’s average only because I’ve tried better Indian-Chinese food. The ambience of the restaurant is a vibe, I would say. A little dingy yet cosy enough to feel comfortable while you hog. This dining restaurant sure does enjoy the limelight by being one of the most popular eateries in town.

The chefs at Ming Palace surely know how to keep their customers happy. You must try every item on their menu. That would mean frequent visits to the place. There’s plenty to choose from, fried rice, veggies and meat in delectable sauces of your choice. They do take time to prepare the food but when the food arrives, you are going forget all your hunger pangs. 

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Don’t go here if you want to try authentic Chinese cuisine. It’s a place filled with nostalgia and Thrissurites are still fond of it for the history it holds. Ming Palace has seen many conversations and experiences. It’s a classic restaurant worth a visit when you want to go back in time.

Pro-Tip: They also opened another branch called Hao Ming at Bennette Rd, Keerankulangara in Thrissur. There’s always a 30-35 minute waiting here so keep that in mind before you head over there.

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