Meera Jasmine’s Malayalam Movies You Should Rewatch

If you’ve not heard by now, Meera Jasmine is making a big comeback after a break of five years. The National Award-winning actor will be acting in Sathyan Anthikad’s upcoming Malayalam movie with Jayaram. This will be the actor’s fifth collaboration with the director. Before her new movie hits the screens, let’s go back in time and rewatch all of Meera Jasmine’s Malayalam movies.

Soothradharan (2001) 

Soothradharan tells the story of Ramesan (Dilieep), a doctor, who stays in a brothel run by Devumma. He falls in love with Sivani (Meera Jasmine), a young adult who lives in the brothel. Things take a bad turn when Ramesan has to deal with Devumma’s dark secrets so that Sivani and he can live a life together. Watch the movie for the drama and its rib-tickling funny scenes.

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Swapnakoodu (2003)

Three bachelors, Kunjoonju (Prithviraj), Deepu (Kunchako Boban) and Ashtamurthy (Jayasurya), are studying Hotel Management in Pondicherry. They lodge in a homestay run by a mother, and her two daughters,  Kamala (Meera Jasmine) and Padma (Bhavana). All is fun and games until tragedy strikes the family. Kamala has to live a deserted life, and three friends help her navigate her life.

Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilapam (2003)

2003 was definitely Meera Jasmine’s year. Paadam Onnu: Oru Vilapam is directed by T. V. Chandran and featuring Meera Jasmine and Irshad. ​​Shahina, a 10th standard student is married off to Rasaq who is already married. After Shahina’s family fails to give him the promised dowry, she is sent back to her family. The movie analyses the situation of young mothers who often have to fend for themselves especially when the fallout is related to dowry.

Kasthooriman (2003)

Sajan Joseph Alukka (Kunchako Boban) aspires to become an IAS officer, but his family is bankrupt and can’t afford to pay for his education. He confides this to his close friend  Priyamvada (Meera Jasmine), who helps him out. Sajan takes offence to this and their friendship falls out. Kasthooriman reflects on the topic of love and sacrifice. Grab your tissue boxes as you are going to cry bucket-loads.

Gramophone (2003)

Sachidanandan (Dileeep), runs an antique shop that sells old Gramaphone records. Jeniffer (Meera Jasmine), an acquaintance and good friend of  Sachidanandan, falls in love with him. However, she has to decide between her love or her family’s future. There’s plenty of heartbreaks, bits of sharp comedy, and dramatic moments.

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Perumazhakkalam (2004)

How does one seek forgiveness from a person whose tragic loss was caused by you? Perumazhakkalam had an ensemble cast like Kamal, Meera Jasmin, Kavya Madhavan, Maamukkoya, Biju Menon, Dileep, etc. It won five Kerala State Film Awards and the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues. The movie tells the story of Akbar who accidentally kills his friend Raghu. He is now facing the death penalty. The only way he can survive is by getting a pardon letter from Raghu’s wife. 

Achuvinte Amma (2005)

Sathyan Anthikad’s Achuvinte Amma is all about the bond between a mother and her daughter. The mother has always lived for her daughter, but when it’s time for the daughter to leave, she is left feeling lonely and confused. It has the kind of resonance that can move anyone watching the movie. 

Rasathanthram (2006)

One of the best Meera Jasmine’s Malayalam movies has to be Rasanthanthram. Without any extra context, Kanmani (Meera Jasmine) escapes the clutches of her abusers and seeks shelter in a carpenter’s home. The catch, however, is that she dresses up as a man to hide from her abusers. The movie is as intense as it is comical.

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Vinodayathra (2007)

It’s hard to describe the comical aspects of this film, so just go watch and be swept away by the infectiously funny vibes. Vinodayathra is a family drama involving Vinod (Dilieep) who seeks shelter in his sister’s house. In the process of getting his life in order, he falls in love with Anupama (Meera Jasmine).

Rathri Mazha (2007)

Rathri Mazha is good, don’t let people tell you otherwise. As you can probably tell, the story revolves around two dancers who meet on the internet. It’s a beautiful walk down memory lane as you travel to the past with these two dancers. Like always, the movie will leave you not only wanting, but hoping for more.

Oru Kadal (2007)

Directed by Shyamaprasad, Oru Kadal features Mammootty, Meera Jasmine and Ramya Krishnan as lead characters. Much of the movie’s strength lies in the heavy conversations that take place between the protagonists. The story delves into the extra-marital relationship between an economist and a homemaker. This is definitely one of the best characters Meera Jasmine has played.

Innathe Chintha Vishayam (2008)

Annoyed by their husbands, Teresa (Sukanya), Rehna (Mathumani) and Premila (Rohini) stay apart from them to live independent lives. Gopakumar (Mohanlal) plays Cupid by bringing the couples together. Where is Meera Jasmine, you ask? Watch the movie to know.

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Calcutta News (2008)

Engulfed in investigating the murder of Hari, investigative television anchor Ajit (Dilieep) realises that Hari’s wife is in trouble. The events that take place in Calcutta News will charm and terrify you in equal measure.

Minnaminnikoottam (2008)

Looking for a light-hearted friendship drama movie? Minnaminnikoottam is the one. It tells the story of seven friends working for an IT company. Each of them has personal issues to deal with. Their friendship, however, keeps them sane and help them overcome their problems. As cliche as it gets, you’re happy to be part of their personal development journey.

Four Friends (2010)

One of the causal watches of Meera Jasmine’s Malayalam movies is this movie right here. Roy (Jayaram), Surya (Kunchacko Boban), Amir (Jayasurya), and Gauri (Meera Jasmine) band together for an adventure of a lifetime as they each struggle with cancer. They all come from different backgrounds, but their urge to live life fully one last time ties them together.

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Which are your favourite Meera Jasmine’s Malayalam movies? Let us know in the comments!

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