Mangaladevi Temple Festival: A Spiritual Journey in Idukki’s Periyar Tiger Reserve

The Mangaladevi temple festival in Idukki, which takes place on May 5th, is a highly anticipated annual event that attracts numerous devotees to the ancient Kannaki temple situated on a hill within the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The temple’s construction follows an ancient architectural style that utilizes square granite blocks, and it consists of four temple complexes. The main puja is conducted in two of these complexes, with one dedicated to Mangaladevi and the other to Lord Shiva.

The temple stands out for its distinctive sanctum sanctorum – a single-room structure without any nadapanthal or gopura vathil. Devotees have the opportunity to offer prayers in close proximity to the silver idol. Additionally, the temple boasts four impressive pillars, reaching a height of 10 feet, all crafted from the same granite blocks.

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Getting to the temple can be quite challenging since private vehicles are not allowed due to the temple’s location within the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. To access the temple, one must go through the sanctuary, and entry is only permitted between 6 am and 4 pm. On festival days, there are several jeep services available from Kumily to reach the temple.

When visiting the Mangaladevi temple, one embarks on a journey of self-discovery amidst the lush greenery of the forest. The temple’s location is a picturesque blend of historical significance and folklore. The authorities have taken measures to ensure that the visit is convenient for the devotees while also preserving the forest and temple in an eco-friendly manner.

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The Mangaladevi temple festival held in Idukki on May 5th is a remarkable occasion that attracts followers from various places. The temple’s historic design, the exceptional inner sanctum, and its location within the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary make it an ideal spot for individuals looking for both a religious and daring escapade.

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