Malik Trailer: Did A Real Incident Inspire The Movie?

The trailer of Malik came out yesterday and to say it has gotten us excited, is an understatement! Fahad Fasil looks like he is going to stun us with another awesome performance. But one thing that caught our eye is the disclaimer at the start. 

Malik Trailer

Not many Malayalam movies have such a disclaimer, especially in the trailer so there must be a story behind it, right? Well, the rumour on the interwebs is that Malik is loosely based on the Beemapally-Cheriyathura incident that took place on the 17th of May 2009.

What was the incident? The only thing that seems to be absolutely certain is that the police had to open fire at a mob and this led to the death of 6 Beemapally residents. The rest of the incident seems to be muddied by multiple versions. The official version is that clashes broke out in the area after some persons from a particular community tried to extort money from a small restaurant. A crowd gathered and manhandled the extortionists who returned in larger numbers and started pelting stones at shops and houses. This led to police intervention. The crowd began to attack the police by pelting stones and flinging country bombs at them. The police, under the command of Commissioner A P George, unable to contain the situation via non-lethal means, had to open fire to disperse the violent mob. The locals, however, allege that the police fired into the crowd without warning. The incident has been a point of controversy since. 

From what has been shown in the trailer, it does not look like it will be a retelling of the events of that fateful day, but based loosely around the incident.

This is Mahesh Narayanan’s third directorial cap and he has teamed up with Fahad Fasil again. With the previous two being Take Off and C U Soon, expectations are high and we can’t wait to watch Malik on the 13th of May 2021. 

Has the trailer of Malik got you hyped up too?


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