Malayalis Share The Nicest Things Strangers Have Done For Them In Kerala

This may come as a shock to you, but there are nice people on this planet. Even though they are rare gems, their presence just makes the world a better place. Malayali Redditors have shared the nicest things strangers have done for them while in Kerala. Their stories will warm your hearts.


One Sunday, I had to reach church before 10 am. It was 9:55 already and I was freaking out since there was no hope that any buses would come anytime soon and I did not have enough money for another form of transportation. I saw an auto coming. Showed my hand. He stopped. I told him that I did not have enough money. He just said “kerikko”. I was supposed to give him Rs.30 when I had only Rs.16 with me. When we reached the place, I tried to give him what I had but he refused. He said, “Ath saram illa. Thirich povvan paisa vende. Enikk vendi koode prarthichal mathi.” Made me have more faith in humanity.


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Malayalis Share The Nicest Things Strangers Have Done For Them In Kerala


I was depressed and was dealing with suicide ideation. I walked away from home one day and took a bus to this lakeside area, contemplating life (and death?).

This middle-aged guy started harassing me for being there alone, trying to shoo me away because ‘you’re a girl and you shouldn’t be here’ and I argued with him for a solid ten mins. Then this group of teens came in to celebrate someone’s birthday, and he left me alone muttering about ‘no respect’ or something.

That group offered me a ride back home, just on a whim. I don’t know what made them do that, but considering how scary my thoughts were that day, I’m very thankful.


Malayalis Share The Nicest Things Strangers Have Done For Them In Kerala


Back in 2020 before ‘Rona entered our lives I went on a solo trip to Kerala and I’m glad I visited such a great picturesque place before our travel freedom was curtailed. Anyway, I was returning to my hometown from Varkala, the train is scheduled to leave at 7 and I left the hostel at 6, roads were deserted and I couldn’t find any autos I was disappointed and right when I was about to stop looking for autos, an office going commuter stopped his bike and looking at my big backpack he understood my situation and offered to give me a ride till station. Thank you stranger uncle that’s so kind of you. I don’t know if you use Reddit and see this but that was a kind gesture and you saved me 2kms walking

That incident and other memories of enjoying picturesque Kerala left an indelible mark in my brain and I want to visit Kerala again but couldn’t due to obvious reasons. I hope this bitch of a virus disappears forever so that I can reunite with my lovely Varkala again (I miss you and your cliffs).

– ramshacklesoul


I finished tuition classes and was waiting for the bus at the bus stop when this drunk guy started harassing me and kept asking if I would go with him. I was 13 or 14 and started freaking out and was looking to run back to the tuition class. There was a lady who was walking towards the bus stop, figured out what was happening in like 2 seconds and started shouting at the dude and hitting him with her umbrella. He ran and she then started shouting at me for just standing there and not yelling at him and making a scene. That was a life lesson and a half.


Malayalis Share The Nicest Things Strangers Have Done For Them In Kerala


When I was in the 5th grade, I didn’t bring bus fare on the first day. so I had to walk home cuz the thendi bus driver wouldn’t let me in. IDK how many km it was to my house but it was kilometres and kilometres and I was unfamiliar with the route. My friend Jijo was supposed to ride back home on his brother’s(10th) bicycle. We were both from the same village. But Jijo said “njan ninte koode nadannu varam” and walked with me 😭😭😭😭 instead of taking his brother’s bike.


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Malayalis Share The Nicest Things Strangers Have Done For Them In Kerala


There was this one time during floods my friend and I were bringing supplies from Trivandrum corporation to Manjeri to a camp . Our lorry driver was slow as fuck we reached Thrissur late into evening phone battery down to 0, power bank completely drained no phone coverage to the camp, late-night, and damn rain.

All of a sudden one guy asks us for lift enquires where we were going helps us throughout the way and then when his stop came he told us to wait and brought his car and led us to camp took us back home his mom made us food and let us rest for some time and dropped us at the railway station funny thing the man didn’t even tell his name.


What are the nicest things a stranger has done for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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