Malayali Podcasters Who Are Worth Checking Out

Do you know what the best thing about listening to podcasts is? You can be in your own world with little or no interference from the outside. Since 2020, many of us sought out podcasts to keep ourselves entertained within the four walls of our house. It became the go-to medium to explore and experience a piece of new knowledge. The best podcasts rely on storytelling. And we were able to find a couple of really good Malayali podcasters whose storytelling skills were on-point. Among them, you’ll find whip-smart comedy, bone-chilling stories, history lessons, and tons of fun tales.

After Hours Malayalis

We had a chance to speak with the hosts of After Hours Malayalis podcast, Sameer Roshan and Zayaan Zakir. The best friends turned Malayali podcasters share their countless experiences and wacky thoughts in this podcast. Since they stay in Canada and Kerala respectively, their myriad experiences bring a whole lot of cultural infusion that keep you hooked. What we really like about their podcast is that they speak about everything under the sun, exactly how two best friends talk late in the night.

M2C Ennodoppam Specials

Ernakulam-based voice over artist and podcaster, Reneshia Mahesh, has a knack for telling stories. Her podcast, M2C Ennodoppam Specials, is one of the most thrilling and creepy Malayalam podcasts you’ll ever listen to. Pretty much every episode of M2C examines stories of myth, supernatural powers, mystical crimes and everything in-between that have occurred in Kerala. Her stories will have your attention for hours on end. 

BTW, Reneshia also hosts another Malayalam podcast called Viplavachentharakam for Gaana.

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Intelerks Podcast

Hosted by Karthik Surya, Intelerks Podcast is Kerala’s first-ever lifestyle podcast that came into the limelight in 2020. From celebrity diet plans, celebrity interviews to dating advice and trending topics, Intelerks podcast covers it all. Karthik has one aim, and one aim only –  “To build a whole generation of dreamers through the use of humour and unconventional conversations“. You’ll shake with laughter, you’ll be surprised, you’ll be confused but, most importantly, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

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The Mallu Show

How does one become their best self? It’s a tough question to answer. But Rizwan Ramzan is on a mission to answer precisely that. He is giving us a reason to believe that we can be the best version of ourselves. All you have to do is listen to his self-improvement podcast The Mallu Show. He is one of many Malayali podcasters who have managed to crack the podcast formula. His highly insightful and educational episodes help you get better in life. If you want to evolve into the best version of yourself, you know what to do now.

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Dilli Dali podcast

Hosted by S. Gopalakrishnan, a writer and a Sahitya Academy awardee, Dilli Dali podcast explores the mysteries of the contemporary world in these troubled times. Political and literary debates, histories, music, and libraries make his podcast a must-hear. If you’re a person who constantly questions everything around you, Dillii Dali is the podcast you should subscribe to.

Lifeline by Megha VJ

Every episode Megha releases are unique. Why you may ask? Well, she explores a wide range of topics including real talks, love and fictional stories, motivational talks and personal encounters. Lifeline by Megha VJ is an intimate space where you can be yourself with the podcaster. She does not beat around the bush. Rather, she does a great job of finding genuinely interesting stories to tell.

Pahayan Media Malayalam Podcast

Pahayan Media Malayalam Podcast is hosted by Vinod Narayan, the founder of Penpositive, a community for active learners to learn and connect. As an individual, Vinod is an explorer of the new. He often finds himself trying his hand on new experiences that enhance his creative side. The Pahayan Media Malayalm podcast is a result of his search for a creative outlet. In his podcast series, you’ll find yourself listening to Vinod’s solo rant packaged as ‘notes to self’. He explores topics ranging from life, career, society, culture to films, books, article and so on. 

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The Malayali podcast with Krish

Within a year of starting, The Malayali podcast was able to garner around 100k total plays. Kirsh started this podcast as a way to connect Malayalis all over the world. Their content talks about relationships, lifestyle advice, technology, and life stories. Their conversations mostly bring together the likes of Malayalis in a way that’s relatable and useful. So, if you ever find yourself staring at the coconut trees, wondering what on earth to do, check this podcast out.

Bros With No Jobs

Want to know what’s trending among Malayalis? The Bros With No Jobs will give you a download in the most entertaining way possible. Buckle up as they discuss the hottest topics, pop culture, sports and everything entertaining. The hosts make you feel like you are part of the gang and make sure that you laugh uncontrollably.

Before we end this list of Malayali podcasters, we’d like to give a shoutout to the Malayalam Podcast Community. This is a space created for budding Malayali podcasters who can hon their skills and strive to enrich the art of podcasting in Malayalam. The community has played a crucial role in bringing together Malayali podcasters, big and small, and giving them an opportunity to shine bright.

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