Malayali Lifestyle Vloggers In Kerala Whose Content We All Love To Watch

Lifestyle vlogs has become a leading genre in the spectra of video content creation. These vlogs include documenting one’s life. Let’s explore a few Malayali lifestyle vloggers in Kerala who have created a mark in content creation. But before that, have you wondered why we all love watching these vlogs?

The basic curiosity to know what’s happening in others’ lives could possibly be the best reason why we all love watching vlogs. The very idea of us peeping out of our windows to the neighbours as soon as we hear a sound is the best example of it. Another reason could be the emotional connection established between the vlogger and the audience. The fact that viewers become happy when their favourite vlogger reaches a landmark, sheds light on this emotional relationship. As a substantiating point, the catharsis experienced by the viewer through the vlogger’s achievement is yet another reason.

Lifestyle vlogging in Kerala came into prominence only after the Jio wave, which revolutionized data consumption. Ever since, vlogging and blogging (what I do now) have evolved in terms of their content and viewership. These are favourite Malayali lifestyle vloggers that we love to watch.

Sharan Nair

You might think that he topped this list because of our recent interview with him and his cool gang. But that’s not true. The reason why he is mentioned first is because he is one of my personal favourites and also a highly underrated Malayali YouTuber. He deserves much more recognition for the content he creates.

Sharan Nair ironically does his vlogs under the title “this is not a vlog” featuring his family and friends. He captures moments of his life and his silliest adventures. The people who are part of vlogs add to the humour of his content. Sharan’s brother Aryan, his parents, his uncles and aunts, and his entire family together give it a different vibe. Shyamolie, Agrim, Gayathri, Afzer, Saliha, and Fahim, being his best buddies, are the others who light up his vlogs constantly.

Initially, he was regarded as Kerala’s David Dobrik, but no, he’s Kerala’s Sharan Nair, who deserves a standalone identity.

Karthik Surya

Karthik Surya is one of the earliest Malayali YouTubers to venture into lifestyle vlogging. In other words, he was the first person to familiarise this concept of vlogging among Malayalis. Initially, he used the platform to share videos of interesting happenings in his life, inspiring people along the way. His motto “Dare 2 Dream” is a repetitive idea employed to inspire his young audience to follow their dreams.

His parents and friends frequently feature in his videos. The fun chats between his friends, friendly encounters and games can often be seen in his vlogs. Over time, with his vast fanbase, he was given an opportunity to host a television show airing on Mazhavil Manorama, “Oru chiri, iru chiri, bumper chiri”.

As his following increased, the standards of his videos went up. He has a large fanbase, who follows him for his antics and fun. He has also found a space within the spectrum of ‘Podcasting’ through his show “Intelerks Podcast“, hosted by Vinu, Sreekanth, Akhil Das and himself.

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Fishing Freaks

Fishing Freaks, handled by Sebin Cyriac, is a rapidly growing channel among the Malayali community. He initially started the channel as a fishing channel alone. Over time, he incorporated lifestyle vlogging too, which better suited his audience.

His fishing journey with his family has always hooked the family audience, as they provided a cathartic feeling for the viewers, as mentioned earlier in this article. His family, pets, garden and friends are often repeating images and characters in his vlogs. Through his vlogs, he is able to pull in youngsters as well as a wide section of the family audience, thus making him different from the other youth-centric Malayali vlogger’s approach.

The DK Tales

The DK Tales is a lifestyle vlog run by dancer Kukku and his wife Deepa. Their vlogs are lively, especially when their friends and family are part of it. Their huge friendship circle consisting of other YouTubers like Jeeva, Aparna, and Govind Padmasoorya are often seen complimenting each other by appearing on different channels.

The reason why The DK tales stand out is due to the rawness and naturality of their vlogs. Kukku being the humorous one, provides the comedic effect for the channel, while Deepa can be seen as the overall warden for the channel. Their frequent dance videos, too, have struck a chord with the audience and are often trending on social media.

There are a number of other Malayali lifestyle vloggers based in Kerala, so feel free to add your favourites in the comment section.

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