Malayalam Movies You Can Watch With Your Father This Father’s Day

Father’s day is on its way. Here are some heartwarming/heart-melting Malayalam movie suggestions for you to watch this weekend with your father. If you can’t be with him on that day, you can cherish memories with these movies.

Pappayude Swantham Appoos (1992)

This Fazil movie, starring Mammootty, is an all-time favourite. It was the highest-grossing Malayalam film of 1992. Best known for the songs and excellent performances by the cast, it leaves your heart broken towards the end. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on this beautiful movie.

Usthad Hotel (2012)

A well-famous and much-loved movie of the past decade, Usthad Hotel is a heart warmer due to a lot of reasons. One reason is the portrayal of the father-son relationship through two generations of dad-son duos and the circumstances which put Faizi (Dulquer Salmaan) in a classic dilemma.

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Thanmatra (2005)

Mohanlal’s performance in this movie is rated as his finest by many. Tanmatra is a roller-coaster of emotions that will reign you in with warm familial memories and then leave you in tears towards the climax.

You can watch Tanmatra on Hotstar.

1983 (2014)

In this sports-drama movie, Rameshan (Nivin Pauly) tries to fulfil his dream of becoming a cricketer through his son. Nivin Pauly portrays the journey of an aspiring cricketer with a lot of conviction, and you’ll find it hard not to root for him, and in turn, his son.

Piravi (1989)

I will not do justice to this list if I don’t mention this critically acclaimed movie. Piravi is based on the life of Prof.T.V.Eachara Warrier, father of P.Rajan who was killed in police custody during the national emergency period. This film won around 31 awards, including a special mention for its outstanding quality at 1989 the Cannes Film Festival.

Daddy Cool (2009)

Daddy Cool is the directorial debut of Aashiq Abu. Antony Simon (Mammootty), a crime branch CI and his eight-year-old son Aadhi (Master Dhananjay) are crazy cricket fans. The plot revolves around this father-son duo and what comes shortly after they befriend a national cricket player Sreekanth.

Pavithram (1994)

This movie isn’t exactly about a father-child relationship but more than that. Unni’s (Mohanlal) life takes a new turn after his mother dies giving birth to a female child and his father leaves shortly after. He is the only person left to take care of the baby. The story follows how he handles the responsibility and how he grows to become more of a father figure than a brother in her life.

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Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25 (2019)

Can a robot take the place of one’s own child? This movie introduces a new angle to conventional human relationships where a robot becomes the main character. It also explores the exceptional acting skills of Suraj Venjaramoodu.

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

Uyare (2019)

If there is one supporting character we all wish to have in life, it’s Raveendran (Siddique) from Uyare who loved and stood by his daughter through all her adversities. Don’t miss out on this brilliant movie as it brings a lot of relevant issues to the limelight.

You can watch Uyare on Netflix.

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Home (2021)

Who wouldn’t love Oliver Twist after watching Home? You will definitely get reminded of your parents’ innocence and how we failed to understand them at times. It’s no time to regret but to let them know we love them. It’s worth another rewatch with your dad this father’s day.

You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

Spadikam (1995)

Spadikam is one of the most well-known action dramas in Malayalam cinema. It is known for portraying the relationship dynamics between an estranged narcissistic father and his son. The story follows their relationship when the son, Aadu Thoma (Mohanlal), returns to the village a changed man, 14 years after he runs away.

Bro Daddy (2022)

A comedy-drama movie which is made all the more interesting by the dad-son duo, Mohanlal and Prithviraj. It’s a light-hearted fun ride and will definitely make your dad laugh his head out.

You can watch Bro Daddy on Hotstar.

June (2019)

June is a coming-of-age movie about a girl named June (Rajisha). Although the movie mostly revolves around June’s life, her father Panama Joy (Joju George) plays an important role by being a supportive and understanding father. Their lovely relationship makes the movie extremely adorable.

You can watch June on Hotstar.

After listing down all these movies, I really wish we had more dad-daughter duo movies. Ahh… Don’t get me wrong, but don’t you think so too?

Enjoy this father’s day by binge-watching the above-mentioned Malayalam movies. Also, did we miss out on your favourite? Then, hop into to the comment section below.

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