Malayalam Movie Endings Reimagined

We love the stories, emotions, and adventures of Malayalam Cinema. But often, the endings leave us wanting more. Let’s explore alternate paths and reimagining of loved characters. Join us on a cinematic journey to discover a sweeter, unique, and gratifying finish that will linger in our souls like an enduring melody. Here are some of the Malayalam movie endings that we have reimagined.


Malayalam Movie Endings Reimagined

Something snaps inside Maya as she stands there, staring at Narendran. Her eyes light up with a flicker of realization. Memories begin to return. She feels a strong connection to the guy in front of her, and her heart is filled with unexplained warmth. Maya, overwhelmed with emotions, moves closer to Narendran, and her eyes wells up with tears. She leans out and softly touches his face as if to confirm what her heart already knows. This unexpected turn of events has moved Narendran as well. He takes her hand in his and calls her, “Gauriii”.

The amnesia that had previously clouded Maya’s consciousness begins to dissipate at that point. She recalls her past, her feelings for Narendran, and the beautiful moments they shared together. A surge of joy and hope replaces the pain of separation and loss.

Sharath, who has been witnessing their reunion, recognises the depth of their bond. He takes a step back, understanding that Narendran has always had Maya’s heart. Despite his feelings for Maya, he realizes that the real joy is in reuniting the lovers. Sharath goes away with a sorrowful heart but a genuine grin, giving Maya and Narendran the space they need to rebuild their lives together. As they hug, the world around them melts away, leaving only their love and the promise of an eternal future.

Months later, Maya and Narendran can be seen walking hand in hand across the beautiful green hills of the same hill station where their paths met in the beginning. Maya and Narendran sit on a bench admiring a gorgeous sunset in the closing scene. They talk about their desires, anxieties, and expectations for the future and promise to make every moment matter and never let go of one another again, with a fresh feeling of love and purpose.

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Malayalam Movie Endings Reimagined

Mathan clings to life with every ounce of power he has left as he lies on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound. As he strains to remain awake, the woodland echoes with the sound of his hard breathing. The police officers, sure of his demise, abandon him and vanish into the darkness.

God, however, has different plans.

By chance, a local passerby comes across him, lured to the faint sound of his cries. Mathan is taken to the hospital when they promptly call for assistance. He survives the near-fatal gunshot wound against all odds, defying death itself. Weeks pass, and Mathan gradually recovers, his spirit unshakeable.

One day, when Appu walks alone on the road, engrossed in her thoughts about Mathan, she can’t help but experience a sense of longing and emptiness. She knows Mathan will always be a part of her, but the grief of the loss weighs hard on her heart. A familiar voice disturbs the quiet as she wonders about Mathan beneath her breath, praying for a miracle. “Appsss!” Mathan’s voice is brimming with love. Appu freezes for a moment, unable to believe what she is hearing. She gently turns around, her eyes wide with surprise and joy. He’s standing a few meters away on the road.

We see them walk hand in hand in the beginning, his gaze fixed on hers. Mathan takes a step forward, a mix of surprise and exhilaration evident on his face. Appu’s heart beats faster as she realizes her love is back to her. She dashes towards him without a second thought, tears flowing down her cheeks. Their spirits are once again intertwined as they hold each other closely.


Malayalam Movie Endings Reimagined

Unni and Gaadha, determined to face whatever stood in their way, decided to get away to Kerala together. But fate has another surprise in store for them. Gaadha is unable to join Unni because she is caught between her desire to be with him and the chaos that is happening as a result. They give up and plan to leave the city, and just as they cross the intersection, both cars come to a stop at a traffic light,

Both of them sit completely ignorant of each other’s existence in either car. But, just as the signal turns green, an unexpected accident occurs. She turns her head, wiping her tears from the other side and sees Unni in the adjacent car looking the other way around. She calls out loud for him from her car, and their eyes meet, filled with emotions.  Unni sprints towards her car, and Gaadha runs to him, tears flowing down her cheeks while he sweeps her into his arms. Onlookers, moved by this, shout and clap in celebration.

This alternate ending for Vandanam puts the love tale of Unni and Gaadha to a close, leaving the audience happy and content, giving these beloved characters the opportunity to overcome the hurdles and embrace love by reimagining the original ending.

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Balan and Nandini reconnect in the alternate ending of “Pakshe,” and finally get the chance to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Rajeswari and the children arrive at the resort on the exact same day as Balan and Nandini are set to leave. Rajeswari, having realized the mistakes she made, begs Balan to forgive her and let her and the children back into his life. Balan, however, admits, with a sad heart, that his love for Nandini is too great to ignore and assures that he will always be there for his children. He convinces Rajeswari that he is unable to maintain their relationship anymore and wishes to be with Nandini for the rest of his life. Though heartbroken, Rajeswari recognizes the depth of Balan’s love for Nandini and decides to let him go.

Balan and Nandini hug each other, overwhelmed with joy at the possibility of finally being together, something they had lost hope for.  Balan and Nandini walk hand in hand at the end of the film, ready to face whatever struggles come their way and end on an optimistic note, recognizing the force of love and the human spirit’s relentlessness.

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Malayalam Movie Endings Reimagined

Despite learning the truth about Vishnu’s past, Kalyani refuses to let it impact their life ahead. Desperate to help him, she approaches Soman, the sympathetic police superintendent who had previously come across Vishnu during his escape. Recognizing Kalyani and Vishnu’s real love, Soman (Prison Warden) decides to offer help. He takes advantage of his contacts and influences to negotiate a lesser sentence for Vishnu, taking into account the circumstances behind his escape.

Vishnu is given a second opportunity in life, free of the burden of his previous sins. Kalyani and Vishnu, overwhelmed with gratitude, welcome the opportunity to start over. The film ends with Kalyani racing to Vishnu with his son as he walks out of the jail, now a changed man. Both of them are passionate about starting a life together and confronting the hurdles that lay ahead. The camera pans out, capturing their hopeful smiles and reflecting the triumph of love and the human spirit.

While the endings of these Malayalam films may have left fans wanting a better closure, it is important to acknowledge the films’ long-lasting impact and distinctive features. Though incomplete, the original endings provided depth and complexity to the storylines, inciting conversation and leaving an indelible mark on viewers. The various happy endings we gave are only our guesses and ideas, demonstrating the power of the imagination and the yearning for a more satisfactory finish. Ultimately, these films will be remembered as treasured works of art, reminding us that the beauty of cinema rests in its capacity to elicit a wide variety of emotions and encourage thinking, even when the ends are not as we wish they were.

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