Malayalam Films Featuring Love Triangles

We all love a good love story. But if there’s a love triangle involved, the drama level goes up a notch. Back in the day, Malayalam movies had love triangles as a major trope in many love stories. It is very unlikely that you will find such movies now.

We’re listing down a few Malayalam movies that had love triangles we loved to watch.


Malayalam Films Featuring Love Triangles

We’ve had many Mammootty-Mohanlal Malayalam movies, and the one that particularly stands out for its comical essence is Harikrishnans. Throughout the movie, we see Hari (Mammootty) and Krishnan (Mohanlal) try to woo Meera (Juhi Chawla). Finally, who gets Meera? We can’t say for sure since there were multiple endings shot. But this triangle love story was a laughing riot.

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Love story in Swapnakoodu

We couldn’t really ignore the Kamal (Meera) – Deepak (Kunchacko) – Kunjoonju (Prithviraj) tension, could we? Swapnakoodu had its moments, the love triangle was one of them. What made this love triangle juicy was that there were two best friends involved. Whom did you support?


Malayalam Films Featuring Love Triangles

A complicated love triangle would sum up the plot of Arike. It revolves around three people, Anuradha (Mamta), Kalpana (Samvrutha) and Shantanu (Dileep) who are interconnected in ways they didn’t imagine. We have Shantanu and Kalpana looking forward to getting married but familial complications arise. Shantanu fell in love with her because of the love letters he apparently received from her. But, we get to know that Anuradha, Kalpana’s best friend, was the person who wrote them. Complex much?

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Darling Darling

Love story in Darling Darling

Kochu Kurup (Vineeth) and Aniyankutty (Dileep) are in love with the same person. When Aniyankutty realises that the girl likes Kochu, he follows a plan to damage their relationship. This film is the reason why every person from the 90s knows of love triangles.


Malayalam Films Featuring Love Triangles

A male nurse Manu (Dileep) takes a liking to Leena (Samvrutha), who is a contestant on his mother’s music reality TV show. He tries his best to woo Leena. Before Leena confesses her love, a new girl Bhama  (Shruthy Lakshmi) enters their equation. But..but..he holds a special relationship with Dr Priya (Vimala Raman). It gets complicated as expected. The uncertainty in the situation made Dileep, as well as, us confused AF. This is more like a love quadruple, alle?

Summer in Bethlehem

Love story in Summer in Bethlehem

Ravishankar (Jayaram) and Dennis (Suresh Gopi) lie through their teeth to portray an image to Ravi’s family members. Things get a bit complicated when Ravi’s grandparents urge him to get married to one of his granddaughters. Then comes, Abhirami (Manju), another granddaughter who is considered the black sheep of the family. Ravishankar and Dennis ultimately fall in love with Abhirami, but little do they know that Abhirami holds a dark secret.

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Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu

Malayalam Films Featuring Love Triangles

If you have to choose between a lover or a father’s choice of partner, whom would you? Let’s see what Meenakshi (Manju Warrier) does in Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu. This film is an all-time classic in Malayalam cinema, which was written by Ranjith and directed by Kamal. You should give it a watch if you haven’t. 


Love story in Chemmeen

Unlike the rest of the movies on this list, Chemmeen tells the story of a tragic love triangle. This Malayalam movie regularly ranks on all-time greatest movie lists for a reason. Karuthamma (Sheela) is caught between her lover and husband. She has to navigate between the rigid customs in her family and her attraction towards Pareekkutty (Madhu). The film introduced the Malayali audience to the politics of love.


Malayalam Films Featuring Love Triangles

What did this heart-wrenching love triangle in Thenkasipattanam teach us? Jealousy and lack of communication can ruin friendships, especially when there’s a woman involved. Even though Kannan (Suresh Gopi) secretly loves his childhood friend Meenakshi (Samyuktha Varma), it’s too late when he realizes that his best friend has fallen in love with her too.

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Hope we have covered all the Malayalam films that featured love triangles. If we have missed out on any, comment below.

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