Malayalam Ads That’ll Make You Nostalgic (Part 2)

There was a unique charm to the ads that came out in the ‘90s and early 2000s which don’t usually find in new age ads. A month ago, we had listed some of our favourite Malayalam ads that got you basking in nostalgia. Today we’re back with a follow-up list to give you a second round of nostalgia burst.

Vanamala Soap

Someone turns in late to meet you, what do you tell them? “Ah, vannallo vanamala!” Malayalis are known for using catchy movie one-liners in their everyday conversations. But it’s only once in a blue moon that we get to hear taglines and inside jokes derived from ads being blended into daily chit-chats. This Vanamala ad, featuring Siddique and Kavya Madhavan, has a jingle and a tagline that is fondly remembered by all of us. I also happen to remember the violet dhavani clad Kavya and her clan who were elated to receive freebies from Siddique, the sales guy (um, does Vanamala know this?)

Bhima Jewellers

A large part of our brains back in the day must have been flooded with jewellery ad jingles because those were tremendously catchy. Bhima Jewellery’s Avalude Manam is one such iconic jingle that has been deeply ingrained in us. Giving movie songs a run for their money, this Bhima ad was a regular at the theatres before the show started. This gentle jingle is beautifully rendered by the singer Sreenivas, whose voice is sometimes confused with that of Karthik’s. Though this song has been remixed and remade in future ads, this version of it is simply 916. We bet you are singing this right now!

Josco Jewellers

I guess the reason why we don’t recall a single ad from recent times is that they focus more on voiceovers and less on elements such as catchy jingles and indelible lyrics. This Josco jewellery “Golden beauties” ad, as it is popularly referred to, has a vibrant jingle that sort of grows on you the more you listen to it. No surprises there, as the jingle is composed by Deepak Dev! Also, I think Jennifer Kotwal, the girl in the centre, did capture a lot of hearts back then.

Scoobee Day Bags

Remember those days when a new academic year started and you kept buttering your parents to get you that new Scoobee Day bag you saw in the TV commercial? Darn, for the zillionth time I feel bad for today’s kids who don’t even need to use a school bag (online classes, sigh!).  After this ad came out, I started wishing for my school bus driver to be as adventurous as the one in this ad and take such thrilling routes. It seems the Scoobee Day Bag ad creators, in the early 2000s, were obsessed with two things – elephant disrupting traffic and aliens invading planets. One of these two being a part of their ad storyline is indeed a safe bet. Of course, the day was always saved by our dear changathi, the tiny, yet strong bee – ScooBee who would emit laser from his palms and frighten the attacker!

Emmanuval Silks

Though this saree house has now rebranded itself to Mariya Silks, after having their SRK-inaugurated Cochin store shut down, we sure can’t get the name Emmanuval Silks out of our heads, all thanks to this jingle. Composed by Deepak Dev with Sujatha on the vocals, this one is sure to give you a huge dose of nostalgia. In this ad that released in 2008, you can spot Rambha, Vimala Raman, and Gopika making a red carpet entry and wowing the crowd.  Along with the Bhima Jewellers ad, this ad, when played in the theatres, kick-started our movie-watching experience in the best way possible.


I’m sure there isn’t a person who finds it difficult to recall this Airtel ad. The signature tune, composed by the legendary A.R Rahman, tugs on your heartstrings quite a bit. Compared to the other telecom biggies, this ad cut through the clutter and stood out because of this soulful jingle.

Fun fact: Did you know that this popular ad jingle by AR Rahman is one of the most downloaded mobile ringtones?

Popy Kuda

There’s not a single Popy Kuda ad that hasn’t been etched into our memories. After the Mazha Mazha Kuda Kuda ad, this ad is one of their most memorable ones. This evergreen ad by Popy was loved by kids and adults alike. The young girl shown in the ads was later seen as the lead heroine in the movie Manju Poloru Penkutty. I also distinctly remember the plump little boy shown in the ad even after so many years. Don’t you all agree that this one of those Malayalam Ads that should make a comeback?

Alukkas Jewellery

It is impossible to imagine a nostalgic ad list without the mention of an Alukkas ad, one of the best Malayalam Ads ever created. This ad came out in the year 2007 and was an instant hit.  Veteran singer Sujatha’s voice lends the song a magical touch, making it strike gold in our hearts. The lyrics, as well as the visuals of the jingle featuring Chitrangada Singh, who was only a couple of movies old at that time, dancing around carefree by the rivers and playing hopscotch in the rain, are quite delightful.  I remember there used to be a huge hoarding kept around Lulu Hypermarket in Dubai that had stills from this ad.  

Kalyan Silks

One day (I guess it was in 2003 or 2004) while I was tuning into the Malayalam airwaves, I happened to see this ad for the first time. At that time I particularly remember noticing the traditional Thai dance that is featured in this ad. I also instantly fell in love with the aesthetically pleasing jingle. However, after 2005, I’m not sure why this ad wasn’t telecasted as much as it should have been. I happened to stumble upon this ad a few weeks back while working on the Part 1 post and was super thrilled to view it again!

Have we listed down your favourite Malayalam Ads? Let us know in the comments below!

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