Makeup Shaming In Kerala Is A Real Pain In The Ass

Believe it or not, Malayalis share a love-hate relationship with makeup. From movies to television shows, the idea of people in makeup paves way for many unhealthy jokes. The consistent debates on how makeup ruins “natural beauty” or isn’t meant for a particular gender is interestingly disappointing. Makeup has been considered a tool of mockery and shaming many a time. Before going any further let’s brush up on some history.

Root Magic

The concept of makeup is originated from the ancient Egyptians. It is said that their tombs had makeup kits in them. And as per legend, Cleopatra used lipsticks from carmine beetles. There is also a theory claiming that makeup was introduced by the ancient Zhou dynasty of China. Gelatin, Beewax, flower-hue, berry juices were some of the common products used.

Makeup Shaming In Kerala Is A Real Pain In The Ass

Enhancing one’s beauty is the main idea behind using makeup. But as per the recent arguments, makeup is considered as something associated with hiding one’s insecurities. Strangely, this point made makeup an object of hatred.

1. The Hate Game

We might have heard these things quite often-

-‘I hate women and men who wear makeup.’

-‘ Why do you need makeup to look pretty?’

-‘I hate artificial beauty.’

Keep hating. Doing makeup is one’s choice. Why question it just because you have a different opinion about it. You may hate applying makeup on yourself but do you have the right to hate when someone else applies it on them? No, right? Instead of picking on them, why not respect their choice? Reasonable, isn’t it?

2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

If you are someone who loves doing makeup then we would like to say just one thing- ‘Keep loving it.’ You don’t need to stop doing it just because your friends and family don’t approve of it. The entire stereotype against makeup and shaming it is exhausting. You are not wrong if you want to hide that pimple. We completely understand if you want your lips to be red or burgundy. If makeup gives you more confidence, why compromise?

Learn ‘the subtle art of not giving a f*ck’ while putting on that Scarlet lipstick and shimmery bronzer!

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3. Get a Life

Did we hear the usual- ‘Idenda putty adich nadkunne’ , ‘Makeup illathada ninak bhangi ‘, ‘Endina makeup vaangi paisa kalayunne?’ for the hundredth time? (Rolls eyes)

‘Get a Life’, please.

Firstly, stop calling names. If you don’t even know the difference between a foundation, compact and a talcum powder, who are you even to comment?

Secondly, No makeup look is also a makeup look! The ‘No-makeup makeup look’ that most of you praise on-screen and in the magazines comprises bronzer, light mascara and lots of blush and highlighters.

Thirdly, makeup is costly because of many factors. The durability, quality and texture make a product costlier. So, if someone is willingly investing in it, why tell them it’s unworthy? Don’t you think they would know their finances better than you?

4. Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel

Many have admitted that makeup makes them feel more confident and pretty. (Not that they are unhappy with their natural selves!) Even today, a person can’t walk in a bold makeup look without overhearing judgemental comments and merciless stares. Why? Maybe as a society, we are yet to be inclusive of people and their choices.

People have normalised judging and shaming who love makeup so much that many think it is funny to joke about it. Being bullied for wearing a cosmetic is a common experience among women and men. So when we hear jokes on ‘white-washed face’ or ‘red-paint adicha lips’, we know how weird such encounters feel.

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5. People Who Think Too Much

Makeup is an art. It is a harmless choice. But when you are shamed for that choice, it becomes hard to keep up the confidence. Respecting choices, agreeing to disagree is still hard for many in our society. If as a person, you need to think about the criticism you are gonna face for just applying lipstick while you step out, then we really are concerned about our social construct.

If someone wants to doll up in a way they like, then why should others interfere with it? That’s where people fail to understand the boundaries one should respect.

We can’t really blame people who think too much before applying makeup for these are some of their experiences.

“A guy told me that lipsticks (especially red) are to seduce men. Also, if you apply them it means you are that kind of a girl.”(I didn’t ask him what that kind meant!)

“I seriously feel so bad for us. Being judged by people who don’t even know the difference between skincare products and cosmetics. “

“I was told to not apply makeup since I am a mother of two. It would be indecent on my part to do so. I never knew that makeup had age restrictions.”

“My brothers made my sister rub off her lipstick at a wedding calling it TOO MUCH. No one stopped them. It was just a lipstick!”

“My friend used to love makeup. She always applied it. The next thing we heard were rumors about her character and boldness. It’s scary. People judge unneccessarily and too much at times.”

Concludingly, we would just like to remind you that applying makeup, choosing what to wear, how to look is a part of personal choices that individuals make. Just because it is different from what you think is normal and natural, it doesn’t make it wrong or an object of hatred. Respecting others for their choices is also cool. Being considerate and making others comfortable around you for their different choice makes you a better human.

Have you faced makeup shaming in your life? Share it with us in the comment section below. We’d like to know!

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