‘Lokame Tharavadu’ to be Hosted in Alappuzha

Alappuzha is all set for a new beginning as 267 artists from around the world join hands for ‘Lokame Tharavadu’ (The world is one household), organised by Kochi Biennale Foundation and curated by artist Bose Krishnamachari. The name of the art exhibition has been inspired by the words of Vallathol Narayana Menon. The whole idea revolves around humanity and the act of coming together in tough times. The concept of homes and the world around them will be beautifully captured by artists.

Just as the name suggests, Lokame Tharavadu is a large-scale art event bringing together Malayali artists based in India and other countries such as the Netherlands, France, Australia, Turkey, Germany, England, Kuwait, Dubai, and the U.S. This contemporary art exhibition is in line with the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, scheduled to be conducted from March 10 to May 31. This time it won’t be just an exhibition, but a revival and a new beginning to many artists whose careers had been hit by the pandemic.

“Most artists, including me, have been confined to their homes for the last many months. This inspired many of us to profoundly think about our home, surroundings, and the world. These poignant thoughts let to the conception of the exhibition”, says Bose Krishnamachari.

Five of the venues of the exhibition are in Alappuzha, those being the Kerala State Coir
Corporation, New Model Society Building, Port Museum, William Goodcare and Sons Pvt. Ltd
and The Alleppey Company. The Durbar Hall Art Gallery in Kochi will be the sixth venue. Along
with the exhibition, there will also be cultural programmes, conferences and sessions by artists,
musicians and academicians, bringing in the blend of every artistic mind!

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As said by Thomas Kinkade, “Art transcends cultural boundaries” and this year’s Lokame
Tharavadu will indeed bring Malayalis around the globe together in this vibrant and culturally
rich exhibition. “For many of them this will be their first major show and indeed an important
opportunity,” says Krishnamachari, who is as eager for the event as all the other artists.

Lokame Tharavadu will be a step towards bringing back Alappuzha on its feet as the coir
godowns and other age-old structures will be transformed as galleries, bringing back their lost
colours and beauty. Just like how Aspinwall House in Kochi was revived through the Kochi
Muziris Biennale
, a colour splash awaits for Alappuzha and also for the audience.


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