Listen to the New Single “Pradhaman” by Anohnymouss & Stic

Rapper-producer Anohnymouss just dropped his latest single, “Pradhaman”, in collaboration with STIC, Found Out Records and Universal Music. His fans were eagerly anticipating this one.

Anohnymouss, also known as Anoh Jacob Biju, hails from Kottayam, Kerala, and is a talented rapper-producer. His distinctive style is marked by quirky flows and an enigmatic rapping style, and he consistently delivers his best with every release. While hip-hop is his main genre, he also explores a range of sub-genres, showcasing his versatility as an artist. STIC is a charismatic rapper hailing from South India with a distinct style and powerful lyricism. His music is a reflection of his unwavering dedication and the countless hours of hard work he has poured into his craft. With each word, he paints a vivid picture of his life, bringing to light the raw emotions and struggles he’s endured.

Listen to the New Single “Pradhaman” by Anohnymouss & Stic

Both artists brought their unique styles to create “Pradhaman”. “Pradhaman” is a delectable sweet rice pudding that is a popular dessert in Kerala, India. Anohnymouss and STIC, two talented K-Town rappers, have collaborated on this track to bring out a  bold and flavorful Indian sound. Their satirical banger is filled with authentic culinary innuendos that add to its overall appeal. From STIC’s electrifying hooks and verses to a beat switch that showcases Anohnymouss’ lyrical prowess and ends in a rager drum and bass groove, the song is a thrilling southside rollercoaster ride that will leave you begging for more.

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“So it all started in October 2022; I had released a beat tape called “Nuance” on SoundCloud. That’s when Stic hit me up and told me he liked the beat and wanted to purchase it, but things never really went through. Fast forward to April 2023, Stic and I were on the same lineup for the hip-hop show – Arambam. Right after the show, Stic pulled me aside and asked me to listen to something – which was actually a verse he had written for Nuance. I was hooked!! I had him come to my house immediately so that we could get it recorded ASAP. And that was the genesis of Pradhaman,” says Anohnymouss

“Over the course of the next six months, we worked on the track (aka insanely well-crafted procrastination), and Pradhaman kept getting better with each rendition. When it was time to mix and master the track, we didn’t think twice about sending it to Bhargav Rao, who got a clean mix done over the following month,” continues STIC.

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Listen to the New Single “Pradhaman” by Anohnymouss & Stic

Staying true to their roots while embracing contemporary influences and experimental inspirations shows how authenticity remains a critical aspect in the world of indie hip hop. The track “Pradhaman” is an excellent example of what artists can achieve when they adhere to these values.

Have a listen to Pradhaman below:

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