A Letter To Ramanan From Punjabi House

Do you sometimes wish for some movie characters to come back? We do it too. And Ramanan is the first character we want to see making a comeback. After Ramanan from Punjabi House left the scene, we hardly saw him again. So, we thought we’d remind him of his Malayali fans. 

Ramanan From Punjabi House

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We penned down a letter for Ramanan from Punjabi House. Let us read it out for you.

Dearest Ramanan,

Hope you are doing great and Gangadharan Mothalali isn’t troubling you much. From the last time we spoke at Unni’s marriage, things have changed drastically. Your lifehacks and existential tips wrapped in humour are helping Malayalis survive.

People here still believe in your fashion supremacy. We know it is hard to believe, but right from SRK to Brad Pitt, almost all admire the  “Ramanan low ponytail” hairstyle trend. How do you always manage to set such trends? A star called Ranveer Singh is in the limelight for gender-neutral shades these days. But he doesn’t know that Ramanan of Mollywood had done this way ahead of him. Also, there are many who are yet to crack the code of your perfectly curled coil of hair on the forehead. (Engne saadhikunnu?)

We still remember how with just one dialogue, you taught us to say “NO”. “Nahi ennu prnjal nahi!” is still our simple, witty and most effective life hack. Many of us believe that you were a true misfit for an era that thought “Pink” and “household chores” belonged to women. But we salute you for breaking years old gender stereotypes like a BOSS, wearing a Pink Lungi! Thanks for reminding the world that fashion and colour are genderless.

How did you manage to work so hard? You were exceptionally good at almost all chores but why did you do that for free? We know that Gangadharan Mothalali didn’t pay you enough. Does he now? Do you still like Chor more than Chapatti? And, you forgot to tell us about the wrestling match that you had with Soniya. How did that go? I hope you knew that Soniya was a boy. This is what happens when we don’t catch up for a long time; so many questions we have.

Ramanan From Punjabi

People these days look up to you as the perfect example of a true friend. We can’t agree more. Who can wash the clothes of an entire Punjabi House for a friend? Who can polish 100s of shoes like you just because your friend doesn’t know it? No one will ask Mothalali for a Parippvada and chai as you did for your friend. No one! Why don’t you retire and come back? Please think about it.

Unni told us about the time you gifted him something so precious on his wedding day. He still keeps that with him. His kids loved it as you predicted. Needless to mention the infinite times we have heard the story of how you saved his life. He calls you a saviour. Even after having all these wonderful qualities, how are you so humble and selfless? Malayalis want to know!

We conclude this letter by saying that Malayalis are so proud of you. The countless hashtags in the fake world of social media actually mean that people remember you in real life. Do come back to inspire people with your fashion sense, good heart and hard-working nature. If you plan to return someday, do bring with you the Pathakam that you got from the President for saving Unni’s life on August 15th.

Lots of love,

We know that we might have missed some reminders or news here. Is there anything we’ve missed out on to encourage Ramanan from making a comeback? Let us know, in the comments section, about what more can be added to this letter to Ramanan from Punjabi House. We might just send it to him.

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