Lalitham Sundaram Is A Simple and Sweet Family Tale That Will Leave You With A Smile

When Lalitham Sundaram was initially announced, many of us had a lot of expectations from the film. It was Manju Warrier’s elder brother, Madhu Warrier’s directorial debut and also the film that would serve as the union of talented artists like Manju Warrier and Biju Menon. The film also stars Saiju Kurup, Anu Mohan, Deepti Sathi, Raghunath Paleri, Sudheesh, Remya Nambeesan, Zarina Wahab and others in prominent roles. 

Premise Of Lalitham Sundaram

Lalitham Sundaram introduces us to three siblings, Sunny (Biju Menon), Annie (Manju Warrier) and Jerry (Anu Mohan), whose father Das (Raghunath Paleri) lives alone in their childhood home. Annie is a businesswoman, who lives with her husband Sandeep (Saiju Kurup) and two kids in Mumbai. Jerry works in an IT firm in Bangalore, where he has a romantic relationship with Simi (Deepti Sathi). Sunny is settled in Kochi where he tries to run an event management firm, but his venture doesn’t pick up. With their mother Mary’s (Zarina Wahab) death anniversary round the corner, Das calls all his kids to his house. Once they reach, there exists tensions and conflicts between the siblings. What are these tensions? Why did these tensions arise? Would the issues be resolved? All of this is shown in the remaining part of Lalitham Sundaram.

Lalitham Sundaram


The writing has been great for this film. The story was brilliantly conceived, which had elements of a feel-good, emotional and humorous tale. The script was well written, with several comical moments as well as a handful of emotional scenes. Lalitham Sundaram did seem to rush past in several moments but didn’t really disrupt the feel it gives to the viewers. The story may seem to be cliched, with the template usage of conflicts, tensions, big reveal and a happy ending, but the freshness in the presentation and the overall packaging of the story keeps you hooked. The references made to meme materials circulating in social media serve as some of the most hilarious sequences in the film. 

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Lalitham Sundaram

Acting Performances in Lalitham Sundaram

Looking at the acting performances, Lalitham Sundaram has great performances by the cast. Each and every artist does their role with utmost conviction and makes sure the film is a good watch. Manju Warrier as Annie was a joy to watch on-screen. Biju Menon as the egoistic and insecure Sunny was in great form. Anu Mohan as the moody Jerry was brilliant in his role. Saiju Kurup as Annie’s supportive and understanding yet practical husband Sandeep was lovable on screen. Raghunath Paleri, Sudheesh, Remya Nambeesan, Zarina Wahab, Deepti Sathi and the other supporting cast members, too, deliver stellar performances.

Lalitham Sundaram

Technical Work

On the technical side, the cinematography by P Sukumar and Gautham Sankar was stunning. The picturesque locations and the happy and cheerful emotions of the characters were captured brilliantly.  Editing by Lijo Paul and the music and background score by Bijibal fits the film’s emotions and sentiments like a glove. The production design, art department, colour grading and costume designers too deserve a lot of credit for their valuable contributions.

So, Should You Watch Lalitham Sundaram?

As a whole, Lalitham Sundaram, much like its name’s translation, is a simple and sweet tale, told beautifully. The great presentation of a simple story without making it an emotional drag is one of the biggest highlights of the film. Along with that, the film also has great acting performances by the cast and great technical work from the crew. This one would definitely leave you with a smile throughout the film and touch your heart with the emotional scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and believe that you all would like it too. Do check it out!

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