Kochi Metro Becomes The Fastest Metro To Report Over 2 Lakh Profit Per Day

As you all know, the Kochi Metro has made the lives of Kochi-ites trouble-free. Ever since Kochi Metro extended its train service to Thykoodam earlier this week, positive responses from localities has been pouring in. In fact, it has started to report operating profit of 2 lakhs per day, making Kochi metro the second metro after Delhi to register a profit and the first in the country to earn profits quickly. The total number of stations is now 21, of which the new additions include Ernakulam Junction Railway Station, Kadavanthra, Elamkulam, Vyttila, and Thykoodam. The distance from Aluva to Thykoodam nows covers a stretch of 23 kms.

What’s more, passengers can now avail a 50 percent discount up to September 18. Also, travellers can make use of free parking at the new metro stations until September 25.The new extension of the train service increased the ridership from 40,000 to 91,000 riders per day, which compensates the loss of revenue due to the discounted prises. The Kochi metro also gets in revenue from advertisements and rents from banks, food courts, and financial institutions. Furthermore, as part of improving connectivity within the city, the Kochi Metro Rail has tied up with the Auto Rickshaw Society to deploy enough autos across all metro stations. Not only will this improve the convenience of travellers, but it will also increase ridership. At least, five auto rickshaws will present at each station.

The cost of travelling from Aluva to Thykoodam is INR 60. On the other hand, the travel between Maharajas’ College to Ernakulam South, Kadavanthara and Elamkulam is INR 10. However, people travelling from Maharajas College to Vyttila and Thykoodam will have to pay INR 20.

Once Phase 2 and Phase 3 finishes construction, localities can travel from JLN Stadium to Info Park, and Aluva to Angamaly respectively. Now, that would definitely be something to look forward to as the working population in Kochi travels to those areas mainly.

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