Kindi Awards: Honouring Mollywood’s Cinematic Under-achievements Of The Decade – Part 1

Mollywood has gifted the world some amazing movies in the past decade, but it has had its share of misses too.

Mindblowing Film of the Decade – Abiyude Kadha Anuvinteyum (2018)

Romance is a genre that’s really difficult to self-destruct. And yet, Tovino Thomas and Pia Bajpai prove us wrong as they take us into the cute superficial relationship they have and the MINOR conflict they encounter (scientifically, it’s minor, and anyone who is thorough with 9th standard biology will know, but until the last 20 minutes, the protagonists behave – and want us to behave – as if it’s MAAAAJOR). Add to this some terrible acting by Pia Bajpai, badly conceived songs, over-the-top dialogues, and you have a film that will haunt you forever.

Mindblowing Sequel of the Decade: Samrajyam 2: Son of Alexander (2015)

Okay, so Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, and it’s admired by many, yeah? Now suppose some random dude comes with a helicopter and drops a pile of shit on top of it, claiming to add to the legacy. This is exactly what director Perarasu does to Samrajyam, a neatly made gangster film from the 90s. This film is like the Twenty20 of outdated filmmaking methods: zig-zag shots, obtuse camera angles, back-and-forth cuts (the editor was clearly tripping), predictable plot twists and LOL dialogues. You can’t really blame Unni Mukundan. He gets dragged into the movie just before the interval, and by then, we’ve already climaxed watching this cringe porn.

Mindblowing Act of the Decade (Male): Vinu Mohan for Koottukaar (2010) & Vineeth for Kambhoji (2018)

Koottukaar is a legendary film. Don’t believe us? Take this: yesteryear hero Shankar comes as a dangerous don called… “Masthan Bhai”. This film broke all pre-existing notions of what commercial cinema could be. And who better to lead this ship than Galaxy Star Vinu Mohan, given his range of expressions and body language?

Also, here’s something for Romantic Lion (Anuraga Singam) Vineeth fans to rejoice! Vinu Mohan shares this award with Vineeth Sir for that one scene in Kambhoji (2018) where he…wait, we’re not spoiling it. Watch it yourself and you’ll get why he deserves this.

Mindblowing Act of the Decade (Female): Rachana Narayanankutty for You Too Brutus (2015)

The scene where Rachana’s character confronts Asif Ali’s character about his smoking habit pretty much covers all the navarasams and probably even more. Pachalam Bhasi would’ve been proud!

Mindblowing Song of the Decade: Gopi Sunder for Chilankakal Tholkkum (Movie: Sathya)

You can play this song during a bhajan sesh and people will buy this as another track in the devotional playlist. Until of course, they watch the video (feat. Roma) and get scarred for life. 

Mindblowing Singer of the Decade: Antares AutoTune for 2012 chartbuster Aatumanal Paayayil (Movie: Run Baby Run)

Special mention to Mohanlal for providing ample support.

Mindblowing Lyrics of the Decade: Harinarayanan for Azhcha (Team 5)

The speciality of this song is that every line ends with “cha”. Thirty seconds into the song and you know you’re in for a Kona”cha” affair.

Star Pair Of the Decade: Nivin Pauly and Aju Varghese

C’mon guys, it’s 2019. No judgements. And anyway, we all know that the more (b)romantic moments in so-called romantic movies like Thattathin Marayathu (2012), Om Shanti Oshana (2014), Oru Vadakkan Selfie (2015) were between these two. Love Action Drama (2019) just gave some much-needed closure on this. 

Mass Hero of the Decade: Nivin Pauly for Mikhael (2019)

A lot of contenders for this award – Asif Ali in Asuravithu, Nivin Pauly in Mikhael, Unni Mukundan in Style, Jayaram in Sathya, Dhyan Sreenivasan in Ore Mukham…all had their share of memorable mass performances. But we give this award to Nivin Pauly because he left no stone unturned to be the quintessential “mass hero”, by actually gaining body mass. Lots of it. Alexa, play Ulakachakachaka.

Mass Villain of the Decade: Sai Kumar for King and the Commissioner (2012)

The dialogues by Renji Panikker are already so firebrand that they invoke laughter. To add to that, this supposedly mystical Baba speaks many languages, and in every language, every dialogue is a punch dialogue. And in every dialogue, he over-delivers. So…quite an interesting mix, huh?

Krishnanum Radhayum Award for Best OnScreen Chemistry: Aju Varghese and Anaswara Rajan in Adhyarathri (2019)

See, I can buy Aju Varghese being a male lead, and I can buy Anaswara Rajan being a female lead. But I just CAN’T buy these two being a romantic pair! When they’re together, love isn’t in the air; age difference is… Watch Njanenum – a romantic track in a wannabe Baahubali-like setting – and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Michael Jackson Medal for Excellent Dance: Fahad Faasil for Nenjinullil (Movie: Diamond Necklace)

Maybe it’s cute that he prances around like a squirrel on drugs but I really wanted to roast him and I didn’t know how else to.

ABCDEFGH Award: Dhyan Sreenivasan for Love Action Drama (2019)

Because his directorial Love Action Drama followed cliche patterns, was uncreative and didn’t make much sense – much like the title of this award.

Stuart Binny Award for Best All-Rounder: Santosh Pandit

Direction, scriptwriting, acting, editing, music direction, playback singing, maybe camera (who knows, really)…Man’s got it all up his sleeves.

Kuli Scene of the Decade: Unni Mukundan for Mikhael (2019)

Nope, it’s not Shakeela guys. That’s so 2000s. For this decade, we have Unni Mukundan who, in this iconic sequence, bathes, takes a towel, dries his muscled torso, and walks out of the house and into his car. But wait…did he forget something? Yes, he forgot to put on clothes!

All in good humour, guys. All in good humour.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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