Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan: Our Honest Verdict

Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan: 2/5

We all associate Dilieep’s characters with humour, especially physical and expressive comedy. He has done wonders in the past with several types of roles that required him to change his looks and appearances. When we got to know that he would act in a comedy directed by Nadirshah, the expectations were high.

Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan is written by Sajeev Pazhoor, whose previous venture was Thondimothalum Dhriksakshiyum (putting it here so that you guys know the drastic drop in the writing quality). The film stars Dilieep, Urvashi, Naslen K Gafoor, Vaishnavi Venugopal, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Jaffer Idukki, Kottayam Nazeer, Swasika, Ganapathi S, Hareesh Kanaran and others. The film also has special appearances by Anusree, Harisree Ashokan and Nadirshah. 

Premise of Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan

Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan tells us the story of Keshu (Dilieep), a driving instructor, who has a very uneventful life. He lives with his wife Ratnamma (Urvashi), daughter (Vaishnavi Venugopal) and son Umesh (Naslen). Keshu, along with his entire extended family travels to Rameshwaram. On the way, he gets news that he has won a lottery worth 12 crore Rupees. With several individuals eager for a share of the money, Keshu is put through a series of events that test his morality as well as his efficiency in handling money minded people. Is Keshu successful in doing so? What does he have to suffer in the name of claiming the lottery prize?

Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan

Writing and Direction

The writing of the film makes this one an unbearable film to watch. Through the promos and trailers, the makers promised a good family entertainer, which has comedy, drama and sentiments. However, the final product lacks any of the above-mentioned elements, in the required amount. The script by Sajeev Pazhoor is a mess.

The humour is not organic and is absolutely problematic with several predictable jokes and instances. There are several comical gags that either become pointless to the story or are absolutely illogical and cringy. The dialogues too are either really cringy or had elements of body shaming.

Dilieep new movie

The emotional portions of the Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan are somewhat convincing but weren’t really engaging enough. The storyline also has a predictable arc, which doesn’t really make the film an intriguing watch. The character development in the script is erratic and so viewers are not able to make a connection with the characters and as a result of this, the emotional scenes also fail to create an impact. The direction methods and tropes of Nadirshah too are generic and aren’t really exquisite enough to enhance the viewing experience.

Acting Performances

The cast has put forward decent performances. Dilieep as Keshu is great but doesn’t have consistency in his performance. In certain instances, he does a fabulous job however in several other scenes, he overdoes the emotions and makes his performance overdramatic.

Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan review I PinkLungi

Urvashi as Rathnamma too has the same problem with her performance as Dilieep. Both of them are great in the emotional scenes, but in the humorous scenes, their acting is a tad bit overdramatic and unbearable to watch. The supporting cast includes Kalabhavan Shajohn, Jaffer Idukki, Kottayam Nazeer, Naslen K Gafoor, Vaishnavi Venugopal, Ganapathi S and others too give convincing performances, which are on par with the written material.

Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan review I PinkLungi

Technical Aspects

On the technical side, there is nothing phenomenal and memorable. The cinematography by Anil Nair is not the best. The camera movements and visualisation techniques used are outdated, which also gradually decreased the film’s quality. Editing by Sajan, music by Nadirshah and background score by Bijibal is decent but doesn’t really help in elevating the quality of the film. Bijibal’s background score is repetitive in different scenes and doesn’t really help in enhancing the emotional scenes. However, credits have to be given to the film’s makeup department. Their contribution makes Dilieep’s character look the part. 

Should You Watch Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan?

As a whole, Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan is a film that tries hard to become an entertainer but falls flat. A forgettable script, which had several predictable scenes and some cringy dialogues in the name of humour, makes this film a not-so-pleasant watch. The only takeaway from the film, to an extent, is Dileep’s and Urvashi’s acting performances, however, the meter and arc of their performance are inconsistent.

Quoting Vishal Menon‘s (Film Companion) words about the film, “Keshu Ee Veedinte Naadhan is as interesting as a day spent in a passport office.”  If you are an individual who is willing to sign up for an absolutely pointless and mindless film, which has cringy and meaningless scenes in the name of humour, this film is your pick. If not, this film can be skipped. 

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