Kerala Woman Gives Birth On London-Kochi Air India Flight

Maria Philip, a native of Pathanamthitta in Kerala, gave birth to a baby boy mid-flight. The London-Kochi Air India flight was on-air when the incident occurred. The flight had to do an emergency landing at the nearest Frankfurt airport in Germany.

The pregnant woman from Kerala was seven months pregnant. She went into labour shortly after the flight took off from Heathrow Airport.

The cabin crew members took the situation under control. Upon asking for assistance, they discovered that two doctors and four nurses were travelling on the flight. They turned the front portion of the passenger seats into a makeshift delivery bed. After constant monitoring, Maria gave birth to a beautiful baby boy mid-air.

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Kerala Woman Gives Birth On London-Kochi Air India Flight

The pilot conducted an emergency landing at one of the closest Frankfurt airports. The medical emergency services on-ground examined the vitals of the patients. They immediately took the child and the mother to the nearby hospital.

Kerala Woman Gives Birth On London-Kochi Air India Flight

After the situation was under control, the pilot Shoma Soor continued the journey. The London-Kochi Air India flight, which had 210 passengers, landed six hours late. All the staff, passengers, cabin crew members were congratulated for handling the situation in a smooth manner.

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