Kerala Tribal Woman Delivers Eighth Child in Moving Ambulance After Forest Walk

In a world where medical care is accessible to many, it is hard to imagine a woman giving birth in a moving ambulance, let alone after walking through miles of dense forests. Yet, Mini, a tribal woman from Kerala, did just that, delivering her eighth child inside an ambulance while on her way to the hospital.

Mini and her husband Rajan, who live in the deep forest at Arikkal near Chalakkayam, were determined to seek medical assistance to deliver their child. However, the couple faced many challenges as the tribal hamlet was inaccessible by road. Health workers had planned to visit the forest to assist with the delivery, but wild elephants in the area made them turn back.

Undeterred, Mini and Rajan continued their journey and reached Chalakkayam, where they were picked up by an ambulance to be taken to the hospital in Perunad. However, Mini refused to be admitted, worried about their other children’s safety, who was still unattended in the forest.

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Despite the health workers convincing Mini to wait until the next day for the delivery, the baby had other plans. On their way to Chalakkayam, Mini went into labour, and the baby was delivered in the ambulance.

The courage and resilience of Mini and Rajan to overcome obstacles and ensure that their child received proper medical attention are commendable. This incident also highlights the challenges faced by many people living in remote areas who lack access to adequate healthcare facilities.

The tribal communities in India have long been neglected and faced challenges in accessing basic healthcare facilities. The government and healthcare providers need to focus on improving healthcare facilities in remote areas to ensure that people have access to medical care when needed.

Mini’s story is a testament to the strength of women and the importance of providing access to proper healthcare facilities to all communities, regardless of their location. It is inspiring to see how the human spirit perseveres even in the most challenging circumstances.

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