Kerala Tourism Department Gets Swanky New Caravans

Get ready for “Keravan Kerala“! This is a Kerala Government initiative to promote tourism within the state by promoting the use of caravans. BharatBenz, a well-known auto company, unveiled luxurious caravans during the launch of the initiative. And damn, it looks fancy AF!

The launch was initiated by Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas and Transport Minister Antony Raju.

Kerala Tourism Department Gets Swanky New Caravans

The BharatBenz caravan will be used by Kerala Tourism to amplify the efforts of Keravan Kerala. Each caravan is equipped with a sexy lounge area that includes recliner seats and a television.

There’s a kitchen area that has all the necessary equipment you need during a caravan trip such as a refrigerator, microwave, induction cooktop, and an in-built storage facility. The back portion of the caravan has a bedroom with bunk beds and a bathroom with shower facilities. This caravan comes in two layouts, suitable for two and four travellers.

Kerala Tourism Department Gets Swanky New Caravans

P A Mohamed Riyas shared, “The launch of caravan tourism has opened a new chapter in Kerala’s tourism industry after the state made it big with houseboats three decades back. The Transport Department extends its full support to Kerala Tourism for the success of this initiative.”

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