Kerala Teen’s Maruti 800 to Rolls Royce Transformation

Think about turning the Maruti 800, a vehicle identified for its affordability, into a Rolls Royce replica. This unheard-of achievement was accomplished by Hadif, an 18-year-old Kerala boy hailing from Kodungallur. He began this amazing adventure with just INR 45,000 and unrelenting devotion.

The 18-year-old said in a YouTube video released by the channel ‘Tricks Tube’ that he is enthusiastic about cars and enjoys making copies of high-end vehicles. He also stated that he designed the Rolls Royce-inspired insignia all by himself. 

On YouTube, the video has received over 3 lakh views as of now. He worked on the project for several months and entirely remodelled the Maruti 800 with a new body kit. His incredible endeavour has captivated the interest of car enthusiasts all across the world, proving that with a little innovation and inspiration, even the most unreachable aspirations can become a reality.

Craftsmanship that’s meticulous

The modifications began with a cautious redesign of the front end of the Maruti 800. Hadif removed the old bonnet and fenders and built a new metal frame to accommodate the installation of new panels. Every element was precisely measured and developed. Metal sheets were carefully cut to suit the body of the automobile, and these panels were neatly welded to the vehicle’s frame, resulting in a striking resemblance to a Rolls Royce.

Front Inspired by Rolls Royce

The modified Maruti 800’s most striking elements are its broad grille, exquisite headlamps, and bumper, all of which are influenced by Rolls Royce design. While the car keeps its factory 800 steel wheels with wheel covers on the side profile, important alterations to the rear were done, giving an extended trunk symbolic of a Rolls Royce.

Passion and creativity shine through

This project is even more astounding because Hadif completed it on a low budget, and when I say low, under just INR 45,000! While the inside is mostly stock, the seats were obtained from a BMW by a friend, adding a touch of elegance. The brown console and steering wheel stand out against the predominantly white body and black hood.

A Rising Customization Star

During the pandemic, Hadif worked on a small Jeep project powered by a motorbike engine, and he is swiftly rising to prominence in the field of vehicle customizing. His ambitions go beyond this one endeavour, as he intends to build more replicas and automobiles in the future.

Thanks to Hadif’s commitment and skill, an unlikely rival has gained a touch of elegance. The automotive community is eagerly anticipating what this young prodigy will offer in the future. Hadif’s journey from transforming a Maruti 800 to a Rolls Royce lookalike is a heartening reminder that with persistence, ingenuity, and a small budget, dreams can become a reality.

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