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Kerala Restaurants With In-car Dining Services

Kerala Restaurants With In-car Dining Services

The concept of in-car dining is gaining popularity across India, especially in Kerala. With the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) launching their in-car dining scheme at Aahaar Restaurants, other eateries have followed suit. Here are a couple of Kerala Restaurants with in-car dining services.

Note: Contributions were made by Nirun Boban

Kaasa Kitchen

Kaasa Kitchen in Fort Kochi has started in-car dining services. Ther serve their customers by bringing in a plank-like structure that acts as an elongated dining table. It’s placed inside the car. You don’t have to worry about any scratches as they take utmost care while placing them. All you have to do is sit, relax, and order your favourites from Kaasa. You should definitely check out their daily specials, their famous slow-cooked Kaasa chicken, and chicken chatti rice. They also bring a lemon bowl to wash your hands so that you don’t have to step out of your car.’


Zaatar Arabic restaurant in Edapally, Ernakulam is another restaurant in Kerala that has started in-car dining services. Zaatar is famous for its alfams, kebabs and koozi rice. Yum!

Emarath Restaurant

Craving some Indo-Arabic cuisine? You must definitely head to Emarath Restaurant. Don’t forget to take your car with you if you want to experience their in-car dining service. Located in South Kalamassery, this restaurant has been serving lip-smacking classic Arabic infusion dishes since the early ’80s. Stop by and sink your teeth into Shawarmas, Maduhooth, Peri-Peri Alfam and more specialities.

Beirut Resto

Beirut restaurant in Kottayam has a good in-car dining service. Hassle-free, comfortable, and amazing place to have food in your car. They serve mandis, falafels and grills. The Kebabs,peri-peri chicken and hummus are a must-try.

Zam Zam Restaurant

Zam Zam Restaurant in Trivandrum is now open for car-side service. This particular restaurant is known for its affordable combos. You’ll mostly find a young crowd swing by Zam Zam. They serve a variety of Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern platters. Drive to this restaurant, and experience their hotel service in your car. Do note that this service is also available in their Calicut outlet too.

Arabian Grill And Fry 

If you’re heading to Ottapalam, don’t forget to stop by Arabian Grill And Fry. It’s one of the places in Kerala that provide in-car dining services. What do you order? We’d suggest their Coimbatore biriyani, Chicken Lamba, and Mandi Rice. Like any other in-car dining service, they will bring the food out to you on a car-hop tray that hooks onto your car window.

Big Bun Theory

BBT, located in Thrissur, should be your next in-car dining stop. So hit the road now if you’re craving some Cheesy Gravy Fries, Chicken Steak Burger, Beef Steak pizza, and Monarch and Ninth Avenue drinks. Eating while cooped up in a vehicle is a different feeling altogether.

MRA Restaurant

Edapally is home to many restaurants, and one such good restaurant is the MRA Restaurant. You can access their in-car dining services just by heading over to a parking space allotted for this. Scan their menu, choose the meal you’re craving for, and enjoy the in-car food adventure.


Hungry for some burgers, fries, and more fried food? Head over to Chikeys for some fried goodies, and satiate your cravings. This place in Kannur also serves some really good Continental food. What are you waiting for? Vandi iduth poo mwone!

The Salt 

The Salt restaurant in Panampilly Nagar has an in-car dining service in but they have a different serving style. They have a separate yard allotted to serve food in individual wooden planks in cars. All you have to do is pick up a car parking ticket at the counter and drive into the yard. If you want to try different types of mandis (broasted mandi and starters), this is the place to be in.

Al-Saj Kitchen

Al-Saj in Aluva is a crowded spot. Sure, the food is great. But, ever since they started their in-car dining service, it’s become a crowd-pleaser. It’s very hard to pinpoint dishes you must try out so just go ahead, choose the ones to liking. We personally like the Pot Chicken and Rabbit Al Faham. We can guarantee that you will have a unique experience.

Here’s our list of Kerala Restaurants with in-car dining services. If you know any more, do comment below. We’d like to know!

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