Kerala Restaurants In Oman That Will Remind You Of Home

Every Malayali who has been to Gulf will undoubtedly agree that it’s a home far away from home. And the most important factor for the Gulf passing off as a second home is the availability of Kerala cuisine! Kerala is famous for its food delicacies, that have been inspired by European and Persian influences. From district specialities to small-town thattukadas, Kerala restaurants of Oman provides it all. What’s more interesting about restaurants in this listicle are their success rates and their ownership. They have been owned by Malayalis, the head chefs mostly Malayalis and the customers include obviously Malayalis and native Omanis who want to experiment. So, it would be fair to say that these restaurants are by, of and for the Malayalis. 

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Tely Restaurant

Location: Ghala and Ruwi

Highlight: Authentic Thalassery food

Tely Restaurant is a haven for authentic Thalassery food. When you pass by it, it is impossible to not be affixed by the aroma. Most days the place is overfilled right until it closes for the night. Friday afternoons are special for its Thalassery special chicken, mutton and fish biriyani. Beef Kondattam is a special item on their menu along with other dishes that are subject to availability. The staff is friendly and the food is moderately priced. Quality with quantity and affordable pricing makes it a favourite eatery for most Malayalis.

Malabar Talkies

Location: Ruwi High Street

Highlight: The ambience and platter style

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“We tell tales with the tastes of Malabar” is the tagline of the Malabar Talkies. When you step into this restaurant, the movie posters and famous dialogues on the walls put you in a nostu mood. The food isn’t served on your average plates. They come nested in plantain leaves and their food not only tastes delicious but also looks appetizing. Be sure to try the Thenga Muri and the Poth Ellum Kappayum.


Location: Al-Khuwair, Seeb

Highlight: A true dining experience

Foodlands is the perfect place if you are looking for reliable Kerala restaurants in Oman. The various types of biriyani and the myriad selection of non-vegetarian delicacies will make you want to experiment for sure. The beef with thengakoothu and soft parottas is our special recommendation. The restaurant is always well decorated and has a nice ambience. It has other cuisines like Chinese and Arabic too, but that doesn’t compromise the quality of their Keralite dishes. Their special selection of desserts and drinks are well appreciated. Even though slightly on the pricey end, the experience is worth it. 

Little Hut of Keranadu

Location: Qurum

Highlight: View of the sea

Restrobar with high-end dining and luxuries, the Little Hut of Keranadu is not so little with its experience. The staff and team are friendly. Through everything is available on the menu at most times, the day’s specials are sure to linger on your taste buds. Though costly, all the customers have given reliable reviews that it is 100% worth the price. Vegetarians will enjoy their variety of dishes. They also have special Onasadhya with over 20 dishes on special occasions. The restaurant also serves alcohol at moderate prices, so there is nothing like some wheat beer with biriyani! 

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Location: Darsait  

Highlight: Interiors that transport you back to the ’70-’80s

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Ananthapuri is renowned not only for its restaurants but the party halls and the hotel with its luxurious but homely rooms which is perfect for tourists who want to experience the buzz of Ruwi. Located at a prime location, parking can be a bit of a hassle. Having breakfast delicacies like Puttum-kadla or Appam-motta curry, in the dimly lit rooms with a single bulb shining through the thatched lamp is the vibe. They have other settings too which include a huge banyan tree and a village to make you feel like you’re back in Kerala. 

Star of Cochin

Location: Darsait

Highlight: Your next door friendly restaurant

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This restaurant is the perfect go to for a relaxed evening with your family. It is quiet and the vibe allows you to really relax with the comfort of some home food. All the food here contains a tinge of naadan taste that kindles nostalgia in your heart. The food in moderately priced and the fast service ensures that its also capable of a quick dine in. Privacy is assured as the restaurant has an upper deck reserved for families. The Palaharam is a special feature of this place. 


Location: Wadi- Kabir

Highlight: Kottayam dishes

PC: Ashish Chako

Karimbinkala is very famous for the branches it has all over Kottayam which is why it was a pleasant surprise for the Kottayam peeps when they came across Karimbinkala hidden away from the busy streets. Located in the industrial area of Wadi Kabir, it is especially known for its Adi Chaaya and crispy Uzhunuvada which is the highlight of the evenings for the 9-5 job holders around here. The Beef Fry and Parotta along with the Lime Soda will have you hooked. The food is rich in flavour and is spicy too. But their prices are affordable making it a sure spot for many. 

Kairali Palace 

Location: Ruwi

Highlight: Variety of Kerala Dishes

Even after having undergone various renovations, Kairali restaurant continues with its amazing service both in staff and food quality. The Wheat Parotta is one of the main attractions of this place along with the pocket-friendly prices and a beautiful interior. Credited as one of the oldest Kerala restaurants in Oman, many flock here especially during nights for the Chatty Chooru. The dishes have unique tastes each day, taking after various districts.  

Nava Kerala Restaurant

Location: Ghubhrah

Highlight: New Gen Restaurant

The delicious taste of Kerala can be found in the core of every meal. Our personal favourite is the Chicken Kothu Parotta. The prices are affordable, making it to be the perfect spot for a quick grab. The mutton dishes are spicy and well roasted. Almost all popular Malayali dishes are available here and can be custom made as well. Delivery is also available.

Kerala Nights Family Thattukada

Location: Seeb


True to its name, this restaurant is a thattukada and the appetizing food here will remind you of a thattukada from back home. The ambience, vibe and service of this place will enhance your dining experience to the maximum. Their specialities include Pothichoru and Pothibiriyani, both of which are perfect for lunch. Though many customers have pointed out that the range of vegetarian dishes isn’t that elaborate it is re-visited by Keralites who want to feel at home. 

Malabar Café

Location: Al-Khuwair

Highlight: Chaaya and Kadi

It’s the perfect one stop for your evening tea and kadi. With Paruppuvada, Uzhunuvada, Pazhampori and sweets like Achappam and Kozhallapam, it is a café in the true sense. There is also a monthly mess option with food thrice a day. The ambience is hospitable and breezy.

And now for special mention!

New Firq Restaurant (Kalam Uncle’s Hotel)

Location: Nizwa

Highlight: The prestige and homely feel

This is one of the most famous Kerala restaurants in Oman because the walls of this restaurant are filled with photos of Mollywood movie stars who have had a meal from this restaurant. Some of the photos are back from the 1980s, and many even have the autographs of these stars. The food is flavoursome at affordable prices. Tourists who make their way to Nizwa are sure to pit stop here due to the excellent service, customisation of food and immaculate cleanliness. The restaurant is also lovingly called Kaleem Uncle’s Hotel.

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There are many other Kerala restaurants in Oman too like Kerala Darbar and Woodlands. Let us know more about your favourite Kerala restaurants in Onam in the comment section!

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