Kerala Man Built His Own Plane And Took His Family On A Trip To Europe

The COVID-induced lockdown had all of us coupled up in our homes. Some of us got frustrated. Others found hobbies that turned into small businesses. But for Kerala native Ashok Aliseril Thamarakshan, it was a life-changing opportunity. He built a 1.4 crore private plane, which took him approximately 1500 hours to make, during the lockdown. Guess what he did with it? He took his family on a vacation to Europe. He booked a flying trip to Newquay as his first family holiday.

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The son of MLA A V Thamarakshan did his BTech from Palakkad Engineering College. After which, he shifted base to the UK to pursue a Master’s degree. He works with Ford right and is settled with his wife and two daughters.

Ashok has a pilot license. He would often rent small two-seater aircraft for trips. Upon realising his passion for flying and travelling, he decided to build his own private aircraft. During the first lockdown, he was able to save a lot of money, which was eventually invested in building his plane. Apart from his family, he has also flown with his friends to many European countries like Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

In an interview with The Sun, he shared, “It’s like having a new toy, except much more exciting. We started saving money during the first lockdown, and we knew we always wanted to have our own plane, and in the first few months, we were saving a lot of money so we thought we would give it a go.”

All he wishes now is to build an aircraft in his hometown, but Indian laws don’t permit it.

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