Kerala High Court’s Ridicule On Kochi Roads Being Made Of Glue, Seeks Immediate Solution

“Are Kochi roads pasted using glue?” Now, this is a question repeatedly raised by the people of Kochi. But no, this time it was the Kerala High Court that strictly raised this question. The Kerala High Court enquired whether the roads are being pasted using glue that it gets damaged at the first sight of the monsoon.

The Kochi Corporation and PWD were held under scrutiny for the bad conditions of the roads by the High Court, for which Justice Devan Ramachandran warned of maximum punishment against the engineers and contractors concerned.

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The corporation and PWD are expected to submit the lists of engineers and contractors involved in the making of these broken roads to take strict action taken against them by the next hearing on July 18. The court was involved in the matter after an Amici Curiae informed that the roads of Kochi were in a dilapidated situation.

The court also ordered the Kochi city police commissioner to submit a report on why safety measures are not employed for the pedestrians on the pathways.

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