Kerala HC: Personal Wedding Gifts By Parents Is Not Dowry

In a recent case handled by the Kerala High Court, it was stated that wedding gifts given by parents during their daughter’s wedding will not be considered as dowry. If the gifts are given without any pressure or compulsion, they will not come under the preview of dowry.

The wife had received 55 sovereigns of gold from her parents, which was kept in her husband’s bank locker. She had requested to return it back to her. The Kollam District Dowry Prohibition Officer also sent an order to her husband to return it.

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Upon receiving the order, the husband filed a petition in court against the order by the Kollam District Dowry Prohibition Officer. The husband stated that the jewellery was given as a gift from the bride’s side and the Dowry Prohibition Officer cannot consider this as dowry.

Justice MR Anitha, the Kerala HC judge handling the case, stated that gifts given by the family without forcing to do so cannot be considered as dowry.

In fact, the husband shared that he is willing to return the wedding gifts by his wife’s parents. His only concern was that it was not be considered as dowry as it was a gift given by the bride’s family. The case was settled in court when the husband stated that he would give the jewellery to the bride.

Speaking of dowry, Kudumshree will soon launch a campaign against dowry-related issues in Keala called the Sthreepaksha Navakeralam Project. The launch is expected to happen on the 18th of December. They plan to host numerous activities to attract the youth of the state to participate. Hosting wall-painting activities, discussions, road rallies, and public demonstrations at grassroot levels will be the main aim of the project.

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