Kerala Drug Dealer’s unusual Escape: Trained Dogs vs. Khaki-Clad Cops

An anti-narcotics unit in Kerala encountered an unexpected adversary in a daring raid gone wrong: a group of fierce canines supposedly trained to attack anyone dressed in khaki. The operation, which took place on a Sunday night, had been planned to catch a suspected drug dealer from Kerala who was a resident of Kumaranalloor.

In the midst of the turmoil, the suspect in the issue, Robin George, escaped capture while police successfully seized 18 kilograms of weed from his home. George had been living in a mysterious place for more than a year. There were countless dog cages inside the enclosure walls, housing pricey and unusual breeds. The property itself had an eerie atmosphere, with abandoned vehicles and walls inscribed with the words ‘Delta K9.’

The anti-narcotic squad, disguised in plainclothes, arrived at the house around 10 p.m., pretending to be interested in purchasing ganja. However, George’s suspicions went up, forcing him and another person present at the moment to vault over the wall and run. When the police team approached the compound, they were met with a ferocious canine resistance. Inside the house were two American pit bulldogs, while German Shepherds and Cane Corsos guarded the grounds. The officers narrowly avoided the snarling dogs and could only continue the operation after the dog squad arrived to control the canines. Robin George’s daring plan involved training dogs to attack anyone dressed in khakis, which a dog trainer wisely declined. A specialized team under Kottayam DSP has been assembled to investigate this unusual case.

The finding of marijuana in two shoulder bags on a bed exposed George’s shady transactions. Surprisingly, his neighbours were clueless about his drug operations, mistaking him for a dog trainer and owner of a dog hostel. His wife had gone home after giving birth after previously living with him. It came to light that residents in the area would leave their pets with him for a daily fee.

The dog fight proved to be a serious stumbling block in the search operation. However, the dogs were eventually controlled, and approximately 17 kilograms of marijuana were recovered from the scene. The encounter with the aggressive dogs caught Kottayam SP K Karthick IPS off guard. He said that the accused had even gone through brief dog handling lessons before being banned for inquiring about instructing canines to attack khaki-clad men.

A special team of investigators has been set up to look into this complex case, and their primary missions are to catch the accused and investigate whether or not others were involved in this illegal business. The police were able to get a search warrant based on confidential information and concerns about the activities at home. This case stands as an extreme example of some of the challenges that law enforcement faces when dealing with criminals who use vicious animals as a means of their protection. It stresses the crucial role of diligent investigation to expose covert illegal businesses. The case in Kottayam is still being investigated, and officials are determined to bring the culprits to justice and eliminate any criminal network involved with this operation.

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