Kannur Girl Plays Keyboard Upside Down & Blindfolded, Bags Awards

For those who thought playing a keyboard upside down and blindfolded is impossible, meet Amala Raveendran from Kannur. 

Amala Raveendran bagged the India Book of Records and the Asian Book of Records for playing the keyboard blindfolded and lying upside down. She even sang Malayalam songs for  2 minutes and 42 seconds as she played her keyboard. A unique skill, indeed!

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A student at Vayakkara Government Higher Secondary School, Amala is a woman of many talents. She aced her Plus Two exams, scoring a 90 percentile. She even loves to play the guitar and sing in six languages – Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and English languages. Some of us might have also watched her on television on Flowers TV Comedy Ulsavam, and Amritha TV Red Carpet.

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A hearty congratulations to Amala Raveendran!

In similar news, one-year-old Alankrith A. Mahendran from Kollam bagged the India Book of Records for his memory power and ability to spot pictures of people, animals, and objects.

Alankrith A. Mahendran

He can identify 6 national symbols, 5 cartoon characters, 16 wild animals, 15 vehicles, 6 shapes, 20 images, 5 national leaders, 13 domestic animals, 5 colours, 15 birds, 7 fruits, 7 vegetables, 24 objects, 5 insects, 10 flowers, 6 electronic appliances, 4 computer parts, 5 parts of the body and sounds of 3 animals. To be able to identify this at the age of one is remarkable.

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