Kammara Sambhavam: Should You Watch It?

Dileep is one of the biggest stars Mollywood has ever seen. Was, rather. From starting his career as a mimicry artist to entering the film industry and ruling over several prominent stars, Dileep’s journey has been a memorable one. However, owing to his arrest, he had a major downfall.

Following a stint in jail, Dileep made his comeback through the Arun Gopy directorial Ramaleela. He followed it up with the Murali Gopy scripted-Ratheesh Ambay directorial Kammara Sambhavam. The film is touted to be his costliest movie ever. For several reasons, Kammara Sambhavam had mixed views amongst the viewers.

Kammara Sambhavam

On one hand, people praised the film and said it’s one of the finest historical satire films. On the other hand, there was another set of people who called the movie trashy and illogical.

Personally speaking, I fall in the former group and here is my explanation for the same.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

What’s Kammara Sambhavam About, Really?

Kammara Sambhavam basically tells us the story of Kammaran Nambiar (Dileep), an elderly man, who is considered a forgotten freedom fighter. When the ILP party wants to improve their image in front of the public for the upcoming elections, they approach a filmmaker to make a film on the life of Kammaran.

Kammaran tells the truth about his life, how he was a cunning medical practitioner who would go on to side with anyone for his personal benefits. How the film is made and whether the party gained power in the election forms the remaining part of the film. 

Kammara Sambhavam

I would personally say that Kammara Sambhavam is an undeciphered masterpiece rather than an illogical venture.

3 Reasons Why You Should Watch

It is a satirical depiction of how history can be bent and twisted to portray an individual in a good light.

In the film, Kammaran is one of the most crooked and notorious men. However, once the film on his life is made, he realises that he is projected as the hero. This role reversal is something that possibly happens whenever a biopic is made.

Murali Gopy with his excellent script throws light on the fact that every biopic cannot be believed. The instances shown in it may not have taken place in reality. Just to save an individual’s image, there are several changes brought about in the narrative, which may not even comply with the actual history.

Kammara Sambhavam

The second intelligent thing in Kammara Sambhavam is the way the film is written. The film, in the first half, showcases the real narrative of Kammaran’s life. Murali Gopy effortlessly develops his character in a way that the viewers start hating Kammaran. In the second half, we are shown the same story, but from a different perspective, wherein Kammaran is projected as a hero.

Many viewers raised issues regarding this element of Kammara Sambhavam, stating that repeating the same story two times in the film was rather boring to watch. However, I would say that it was important to showcase both perspectives to make the viewers understand how much reality can be changed. I personally believe that Kammara Sambhavam is one of the most underrated scripts by Murali Gopy. 

Kammara Sambhavam

The third aspect which makes Kammara Sambhavam a brilliant watch is the superb production design, colour palette of the film, lavish sets and excellently designed costumes. They all play a big role in transporting the viewers to the pre-independence era and the freedom struggle. The film also won a National Film Award for Best Production Design.

The fourth and most important aspect of Kammara Sambhavam is its acting. The cast delivers such a stellar performance. Dileep as Kammaran gives one of his career-best performances. He was so effortless in his role, especially when he was portraying the ailing old Kammaran and the stylish Kammaran in the film.

Namita Pramod, Murali Gopy, Siddharth, Shweta Menon, Siddique, Vinay Fort, Indrans and the other supporting cast members too were absolutely brilliant in this film. Kammara Sambhavam also boasts of some vibrant visuals, exciting music albums and some slick editing. Each of these departments was handled efficiently to give Kammara Sambhavam a different kind of feel.

The Verdict You’ve Been Waiting For

As a whole, I would say that Kammara Sambhavam is a film that definitely deserves a second chance. Rather than judging the film for its length, pace and repetition of the story, we should try to understand the concept behind the film and try to connect with the characters. Once you are successful in doing the same, Kammara Sambhavam won’t be the same for you.

It would be an exhilarating watch, because of the grand scale at which it is shot. I am of the impression that Murali Gopy’s scripting can never be bad for anyone to trash it completely. He is an intellectual man, who leaves small clues and hints in the films for the viewers to pick up and understand the messaging.

Kammaran Sambhavam, too, is one such film that has a strong messaging, which the public failed to understand because of their expectations of a mass masala film with Dileep in the central role. Kammara Sambhavam is much more than just an entertainer. If you are an individual who hasn’t seen the film yet, head to Amazon Prime or Jio Cinema and give this film a second chance. I am sure it cannot disappoint you.

What are your views about the film? Mention them in the comments.

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