Kaimaatam, Kerala’s First Recurring Thrift Sale Is Going To Happen In Trivandrum

Thrift sales have gained popularity in recent years as people seek to reduce waste and consume more sustainably. Maatam, a community based in Trivandrum, cofounded by a team of architects, is gearing up to host Kerala’s first-ever offline thrift sale. Yes, it’s finally happening! ‘Kaimaatam’, the offline thrift store, will be open on the 11th and 12th of March at WOW (World of Women) Week in Kerala Arts and Crafts Village, Kovalam.

“We didn’t have a uniform in university. We often swapped clothes with other girls. We have missed all of that since we graduated. To revive and preach that culture to the outside world, we thought to create a space for the people to thrift or swap their preloved clothes,” shared Maria, one of the team members, as she recalled what motivated them to create such a unique platform. 

JOBOY, a home service experts app in Trivandrum, has partnered with Maatam to pick up clothes from all parts of India. But this time, the pickups are limited to Trivandrum. Maatam’s JOBOY link is now live for people in and around Trivandrum. You can sign up here to get your clothes collected from your homes. Since it’s the first time, Kaimaatam only accepts casual kurtas and western clothes for resale. The maximum amount of clothes you can contribute is five.

It’s sad news for hardcore thrifters from the rest of Kerala not to be able to lend their preloved clothes to this fantastic venture…for now. Thrift lovers across the country are invited to participate in this union of brands, styles, and individuals. 

As a ‘token of love’, as defined by Maria, all those who have lent their pre-loved clothes will be awarded credits in the form JOBOY Loyalty Points. Awarded credit can be redeemed by swapping at Kaimaatam or using Joboy services, deals, and tickets. Note that credits will be awarded based on quality, brand, trends, etc.

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Though a concern exists regarding the acceptance of thrifting in Kerala, the Maatam team hopes to make this a recurring sale. Slowly, they plan to extend it to other parts of Kerala too. If not now, when will we participate in the thrift culture? 

More power to you Maatam! Kaimaatam is a step towards a commitment to sustainable living and community building. Whether looking for a unique vintage find or simply hoping to reduce your environmental impact, this thrift sale is a great place to start.

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