Just Malayali Things Scarier Than Halloween

Yes, Halloween is here and everyone is either posting pics with a costume or going for a Halloween party. But if you are like us who are eating some chips, scrolling through Instagram with your phone on your chest, Bingo, welcome to the club! 

We believe there are some Malayali things spookier than Halloween. (Yes, some of these points may be universal pakshe imagine them with a Malayalee tinge), 

Disclaimer: Many of these are 5-word horror stories. Viewer discretion is recommended.

Missed calls from parents

Feeling your pocket for your phone, and not finding it

When mom says, “nee divide nikk, nyan ippo varaam” in the payment line

When you forget money in the pocket and it goes for a wash 

When amma says, “veetu poyitu vechutundu”

When your monthly pocket money go for alakkal

Shitting bricks when a police van passes by. You don’t even know why you’re scared.

When you can’t find something in its place and challenge mom to find it and mom begins her legendary search

Having your seat on the first bench for an exam when you know nothing about the subject on which the exam is there

Going to weddings around your 20s

Listening to your friend’s voice note without a headphone in front of your parents

Giving parents your phone to make a call after which they start to inspect it

Forgetting that you’re at home and saying cheers to amma when you get a glass of kattan kaapi

When you’ve screwed up ur tests and your teacher says that you have to get the report card signed by your parents.

All birthdays after 25

When you drank just one harmless kaappi and the bill says Rs. 357

When you’re outside, and you randomly look at ur phone and it shows 1 per cent battery.

When an empty condom pocket is “accidentally” found in your room

Do you have any spookier stories? Let us know in the comments.

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