Jana Gana Mana Teaser: Prithviraj and Suraj Are Back!

Prithviraj and Suraj Venjaramoodu are sitting across each other. An accused and a police officer in a cliffhanging conversation. Things turn ugly with one dialogue. The Jana Gana Mana teaser just dropped, and boy, we’re in awe. After Driving License, this is the second time Prithviraj and Suraj Venjaramoodu are coming together to set ablaze the box office.


Jana Gana Mana Teaser

Directed by Dijo Jose Antony, Jana Gana Mana has been penned down by Sharis Mohammed. The film is produced by Prithviraj’s wife Supriya Menon and Listen Stephen under Prithviraj Productions.

Jana Gana Mana Teaser

One of the reasons why the teaser was strategically released today on India’s 72nd Republic Day celebrations is to keep up with the political fervour of the country. You’ll understand it better when you watch the Jana Gana Mana teaser. Prithviraj’s punch dialogue is bound to make you feel all sorts of emotions – something you can’t really attach a word to. We’re not revealing much because we want you too to feel it.

As per Suraj, the cop, the truth will win. But, Prithviraj begs to differ and confidently says that he will walk free. That’s the entire premise of the teaser. Watch it here:

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