Jamee’s Tastories: A Unique Homemade Pickle Brand From Kozhikode

Whether you’re having biriyani or nadan sadhya, a dash of pickle along with each bite makes all the difference. The aroma and the tangy taste of these pickles take us on a trip down memory lane. After all, the memories of our ammuma’s pickle bharani and the tasteless hostel food are often associated with these pickles. Speaking of pickles, have you heard of Jamee’s Tastories? This homemade pickle brand from Kozhikode provides a wide variety of pickles in flavours that might surprise you.

The name Jamee’s Tastories is inspired by Jameela, the main chef of Jamee’s Tastories. This homemade pickle brand is a family-run business, consisting of five members – Jameela, Basim Mehar, Ishrath, Shirin, and Danish.

“My mother is an excellent cook. She makes a wide variety of delicious food items. You’ll fall in love with her food with every bite. Pickles are one of her signature dishes. It was during the first phase of the lockdown when we decided to start our venture. My brother-in-law Danish Hydross is a Creative Consultant and also good at online promotions. It was his idea to begin our venture as an online business. So we followed a unique style of branding for our business,” shares Basim Mehar, co-founder of Jamee’s Tastories. 

“We started with the sale of beef and clams pickles. We received quite a good response for our pickles. The friends and relatives of our initial customers started to order from us. Such a positive result gave us the confidence to put more effort into our venture,” added Basim. 

Jamee’s Tastories provides 100 per cent homemade pickles made using in-home masalas and traditional cooking methods. Oyster pickle is one of their best sellers and is not commonly available in the market. Currently, they provide chicken, beef, kingfish, prawns, tuna, oyster, and dates lemon pickles to their customers. 

Initially, Jamee’s Tastories was only available within the Kozhikode district. Now, they have expanded their sales and deliver throughout India. The price range of their pickles starts from INR 90. You can place your orders for Jamee’s Tastories mouth-watering pickles through WhatsApp (7994530108) and Instagram. Check out @jameestastories for more details. 

Athul Madhav
A dancer, an aspiring actor, and a media enthusiast. My love for art made me a writer.

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