Jackfruit season blooming in Kerala: The supremacy of “Chakka Varattiyath”

Close your eyes and see yourself enjoying some delicious chakka varattiyath while sitting on the balcony on a rainy day. What a delightful thought, right?

The jackfruit is a fragrant, meaty fruit with a big, sharply dot-like body. Most of us associate jackfruits with our native homes, where our grandparents eagerly await our summer breaks to feed us a variety of mouthwatering jackfruit recipes. It goes without saying for most Malayalis, jackfruit season is their favorite time of year, as ‘chakka’ is an emotion. 

As is well known, Kerala is the master of constructing inventive cuisines with a single ingredient. Jackfruit can be used in a variety of recipes. But “chakka varattiyath,” popularly known as jackfruit jam, is the hero among them. 

Let’s drool over ‘Chakka varattiyath’.

Kerala’s Jackfruit can be everyone’s health buddy

Jackfruit season blooming in Kerala: The supremacy of "Chakka Varattiyath"

Let’s gain a fundamental understanding of the health benefits of jackfruit during this season. 

The largest fruit produced by a tree in the world, jackfruit, is frequently praised for its mouthwatering flavor and adaptability in the kitchen. Beyond its gastronomic appeal, jackfruit has many health advantages, making it an exceptional addition to a balanced diet. 

It is a nutritional powerhouse that bursts with essential vitamins and minerals. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system and helps to build collagen for healthy skin. Aside from these, jackfruit also contains dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin A, all vital for maintaining good health. 

Chakka varattiyath, a replacement for today’s Jam!

Jackfruit season blooming in Kerala: The supremacy of "Chakka Varattiyath"

Picture Courtesy: Yummy Tummy Arati

Chakka varattiyath is a traditional Kerala dish made from fully mature jackfruit bulbs. It has a classic, old-fashioned, celestial touch and perfectly resembles jam. If prepared with the proper texture, chakka varattiyath, primarily a preserve, can be kept and utilized for more than a year. 

Even though it takes a long time to make—at least 5 to 6 hours—the result is exquisite. These days, people are hesitant to prepare this delectable dish because it requires a lot of work and is the product of several hours of cooking.  Our mothers and grandmothers used to prepare this dish without holding back for their children or grandchildren. 

Despite being ripe, the fruit maintains an appealing firmness and a sweetness equivalent to honey. As a child, making chakka varattiyath was a yearly tradition. Back in the day, during celebrations of special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and so on, people prepared chakka varattiyath. This generation must taste jackfruit’s magnificent delicious invention, which many haven’t tried. Never pass this up; Don’t miss the taste in this jackfruit season along with monsoon days.

So why are you still waiting? Tell your parents to prepare chakka varattiyath so you can discover the diversity of Kerala’s delicious food during this rainy time. Or perhaps you’d want to try cooking it? Be bold and ask your Google parent for delicious chakka varattiyath recipes in Kerala style. Try it out!

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