Is It Me Or Did Some Of You Find Dulquer Salmaan’s Performance In Chup Mediocre?

It’s been a while since Chup was released. I recently got a chance to finally watch it. All I can say is that Dulquer Salmaan’s performance in Chup wasn’t up to the mark. I wish it was, though.

Chup, written and directed by R Balki, starring Sunny Deol, Dulquar Salmaan and Shreya Dhanwantary released on 23rd September. The day holds value since it is celebrated as National Cinema Day. All the tickets, despite the movie and theatre, were sold for Rs. 75. 

Chup‘s trailer was promising and assured the cine audience of an unconventional serial killer thriller. But the hype of the movie died down after the first two days because it lacked to deliver the performance it promised. The excitement of the Malayali audience to see DQ in such a challenging role in Bollywood died down like wet fireworks. But how does this reflect on Dulquer Salmaan’s performance in Chup?  

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The idea of Dulquer Salmaan, who has starred in heartwarming movies like Charlie and Varane Avashyumundu, in the role of a serial killer was a difficult pill to swallow. Apart from that, he lacked the killer instinct and the typical manifestations commonly observed in serial killers. His chemistry with Sunny Deol is also a hit-and-miss. It feels like a forced casting where a person with extreme vengeance and frustration is forced to perform homicides. While his love story with Nila is interesting and is heightened as the mystery unveils, the all-too-predictable action disappoints the audience. The psychotic side of DQ is unmasked as the movie progresses. It would have had a greater impact with a more scintillating casting. The other actors are under shadowed when DQ enters into the artistic trance. His fixation on the pioneers of the Hindi Cinema would be more justified if they had a more logical link.

Dulquer Salmaan's Performance In Chup


The “unconventional” serial killer ticks all the boxes of a conventional serial killer such as a troubled childhood, physical abuse, a major life trauma that causes deep pain as well as an intense love for animals and plants yet not shying away from killing humans. To add to this, DQ is also a payankili lover boy leading to the most obvious climax. The predictable plot and the weak script tried to reach high goals but were unable to tie the loose ends. The portrayal of the serial killer is unnatural. The reason for the homicides is also stimulated, leaving us disappointed. 

It is very evident from the first few scenes that DQ is most likely suffering from a mental disorder, where he talks to himself as two different people. He mentions hearing voices in his head as well as his obsessive nature. It is important to say that he has done a fairly decent job with his accent and language, however, I feel that DQ is attempting to fit into the role but is unable to deliver an audience-grabbing performance. He seems to be garbling with his accent as he delivers dialogues in Hindi. His expressions of ecstasy oscillate between his obsession for revenge and garden tending, almost as if his character is unable to penetrate into the depth that will make him a deranged serial killer. 

Dulquer Salmaan's Performance In Chup

The plot is promising and in favour of the killer but the script doesn’t stage a longer encounter between the police and the killer. A typical chase where Dulquer plots his escape from the police would’ve added to the excitement of the audience. Dulquer’s eccentricity as a serial killer is mediocre and not a performance that will be a testament to his career.

All said and done, Dulquer Salmaan’s performance in Chup is worth noting as he tries to wreak terror and havoc but minor alterations to the character would have helped to bring out a gory and vengeful shade in his character. 

Shivani Sarat
Content writer and creator. Author of 'Black Daises', a poetry anthology.

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