India’s First International Women’s Trade Centre (iWTC) to be set up in Kerala

Gender Park, an initiative under the Department of Social Justice, Kerala, to pioneer gender equity and empowerment in the state, key project ‘Vision 2020’ announced the setting up of India’s first international women’s trade centre (iWTC) in Kerala. The trade centre, in agreement with the United Nation’s sustainable development goals, will be set up in Kozhikode and is scheduled to be completed by 2021. iWTC is an inclusive project where opportunities for economically backward, marginalized women, disabled women and transgenders are created for a more economically flourishing country.

The committee hopes that this initiative will help develop more entrepreneurial opportunities and also to foster a safe space for women to harness their entrepreneurial skills.

“The facility will have women’s start-up and incubation centre, retail fashion and technology outlets, health & wellness centres, business centres and offices, conference/convention/exhibition spaces, performing arts centre, residential suites and daycare for seniors and children. We are also seeking financial support for the project from relevant institutions,” said Gender park CEO P.T Mohammad Sunish to The Economic Times. In fact, the daycare centres of kids and the elderly will benefit women greatly and give them the opportunity to work on their jobs without any sense of worry.

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Women have always been deprived of a safe environment to work in. A safe environment is not just physical but includes a mentally healthy environment too. While there are discourses that omits the need for a female-friendly environment in workspaces, the Government is trying to make efforts to promote a healthy system for all genders. The iWTC will be adhering to green protocols, ensuring that structures are environmental-friendly and resource-efficient.

“It is significant that the gender park has unveiled iWTC project at a time when more and more women are foraying into entrepreneurship and exploring other self-employment options in Kerala,” said Health and Social Justice Minister, KK Shailaja to The Economic Times. What’s also great about the project is that transportation facilities will be made available for women who work late and provisions of short-stay accommodations for those who wish to stay back late will also be provided.

Uncertainties of the pandemic and a depreciating economic GDP had created a sense of denial amongst all of us. Initiatives that create employment opportunities and fosters a healthy workspace is indeed a ray of hope.

Arja Dileep
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