If Mollywood Directors Ran Restaurants

Mollywood is known for pathbreaking cinema and is the birthplace of some of the best movies in the country. And we owe a lot of that reputation to our movie directors who have created some stunning masterpieces over the years.

We thought we would run a fun thought experiment – “What if Mollywood directors ran restaurants?”; the director is, after all, the chef and CEO of a movie. So what would our favourite directors’ restaurants be like?

Lijo Jose Pellissery

Lijo Jose runs a fusion restaurant, where you get to mix food in ways you never thought was possible.


Priyadarshan watches Master Chef and makes localised versions of all those dishes at his restaurant.

Aashiq Abu

Aashiq Abu runs a huge restaurant. His food makes you feel woke and births the need to ‘outwoke’ others. His restaurant is also #1 on Trip Advisor.

Amal Neerad

Amal Neerad runs a 5-star restaurant that only serves slow-cooked meals that taste the same. But you keep quiet because it will make a great Instagram post.

Dileesh Pothan

Dileesh Pothan runs a restaurant that looks like a local thattukada, but it has an ‘international kitchen’. People usually come here to feel brilliant.

Sathyan Anthikad

Orupad kaalanagayitt orotta dish maathram vitt munnott pokunna restaurant!

Vineeth Sreenivasan

Vineeth Sreenivasan runs a new-age restaurant that serves Sathyan Anthikad’s signature dish. But people still love him for the time he made a ‘variety dish’ and teased everyone with the possibility of a sequel.

Lal Jose

Lal Jose wanted to bring fusion cuisine to the table, but people started to complain when he served chicken with sambar powder.

Jeethu Joseph

Jeethu Joseph thinks his restaurant is better than everyone else’s because of that one signature dish he made a while back. But nothing he made since has been able to match up to it.

Omar Lulu

Omar Lulu used to run a three shutter fast food joint. He later converted one shutter into a discreet X rated book store and the other to a shady internet cafe.

Do you agree? Who is your favourite Mollywood director? Let us know in the comments section.

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