If Girls Hostel Was A Zoo

Wait wait wait! Don’t get me all wrong. I didn’t mean to call out my ‘tarunimanikal’ as animals. But hey! Remember that sentence we studied in social science that ‘Man is also an animal’ (which I hope will get changed to people/humans after Aisooti’s viral video!) So, if we’re trying to match the characteristics of a few animals to people’s traits, I believe there is no better place than the girls hostel to start with (stop gloating boys, you have worse coming up!). This is an eye-opener to perhaps all boys who think that a girls hostel is filled with girls with beauty masks on, clothed in satin PJs, and have cute pillow fights every other Friday. And my dear girl gang, sorry but can’t help spilling a few truths or personalities here and there, bear with me, won’t you? I am sure you might all know at least one person who falls into the categories listed below. If not, please come to terms with the fact that you are the one who is mentioned here!


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you picture the flamingo? Their pretty pink plumage right? Similarly, there is this person who is the style icon of every girls hostel. Most often there is a ‘vijrambicha’ queue outside this person’s room during Onam celebrations and farewells. Also, even if half of the girls know how to drape a saree theoretically, on program days “Ramanan thanne saree uduppicha mathi!”


Girls hostel

The padippist koch. This girl is mostly absent in hostels and unaware of all the crunchy stuff happening within because she is busy gnawing away at the books in the library. Though we highly side cast this person and think of them as uncool and nerdy, she is the one you’ll reach out for when you realise that your notebook is as empty as your love life and the exams are knocking at your door. You are wonderstruck looking at their notes which are not just complete but also made aesthetically pleasing with pointers written color pens and important stuff highlighted and all. Impossible lle?



Types of Girls in Girls Hostel

Be it your university exams or the cultural fest, this person is always found snuggled in some bed with somebody’s blanket over them and everyone passing by will be like, “Shavam, kedakkana kedapp kndille!” This person is also a party-pooper when it comes to movie nights. While we sit and wait for nail-biting climaxes, our wait is often disrupted by the sight of this lady peacefully snoring over someone’s shoulder! While people deal with all sorts of problems like suppli exams, break up issues, fights with friends, etc., just one look at this sleeping doll is enough to give you the message that nothing or nobody is more important than your sleep. Halla pinne!


If Girls Hostel Was A Zoo

According to National geographic, all clownfish are born male! Absolute rule breaker of nature’s law, right? This variety of species is also found within hostel walls. Any new rule or custom is being attacked with “enthinu?” If the curfew is till 6 pm, they confidently walks in at 6:30 pm and whenever the warden or matron thinks of putting her in place, this madame is always ready with an answer that leaves the warden tongue-tied. We have all been a little jealous of their confidence and sassiness and secretly long to be in their circle.


Just like how this wise creature stocks up on food for harsh seasons, so does a character in all hostels. While we all come back from home with truckloads of goodies to devour, we also start munching on them straight away. We do not have the patience to stock them up for weeks, let alone months. And once we run out of stocks and 2 AM hunger creeps in, that is when we realise whose door to knock on. We thank our lucky stars for the very existence of this person and ‘uluppillaathe’ eat up all their Marie-gold biscuits which we laughed at in the first place!

Howler Monkey

This girl has to be the loudest at whatever she does. Just like a howler monkey’s howl can be heard up to 5 kms of dense forest, this magnificent voice’s owner can traverse her voice all through the corridor. Be it her alarm or ringtone which the whole corridor wakes up to, it also goes without saying that species is mostly tone-deaf. We can’t help but wonder at how a person can sleep so peacefully with that racket of an alarm blaring from under her pillow. Ugh!

Homing Pigeon

No matter where you leave them, the next chance they get they find a way to go back home. Whether it is an unexpected holiday or a long weekend this particular species has one and only one plan, “Njan veetti powaan!” We are often left wondering what hostel stories will this girl have to share down her lineage. All we remember of her is her big satchel of unwashed clothes which she brings back all pressed and also home-cooked food which is why we secretly like her going home. 

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While these are just some of the varieties found inside the walls of a girls hostel, we bet you can come up with many more. When you think about it, all of us belong to some category that we were unaware of. Do let us know what species you were when you were in your hostel phase. We’d love to know!

Aashna Praveen
Mostly seen pondering about things around me. Every person I meet, every object I see is a study specimen that I save in my mind log for later. I might end up making you famous, so think twice before you appear before me. *Insert tongue sticking out emoji*


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