Ice-cream Ball Bomb Leaves 12-Year-Old Kerala Boy Wounded

A 12-year-old boy from the Kannur district of Kerala became a victim of a horrendous crime. He was playing a cricket match with his friends when he came across an ice-cream ball. As he picked it up, it burst into flames and exploded in his hand.

As per the official reports, the children were playing cricket when their ball fell into the compound next to where they were playing. The children went to search for their ball. During the search, one of the boys saw an ice-cream ball. Attracted by it, he picked up the ball only for it to explode in his hands. The 12-year-old is undergoing treatment. The other boys were not injured.

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Ice-cream Ball Bomb Leaves 12-Year-Old Kerala Boy Wounded

During the investigation, the police found two other ice-cream ball bombs in the same compound that were disarmed. The analysis team is conducting a thorough examination of the contents of the ball to trace it to the makers.

This is apparently the second time an incident such as this has occurred in Kannur. This year itself two kids were injured owing to a blast of a similar kind.

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