Hylo – Thrissur Gets an App That Connects Businesses with Consumers

If you’ve watched Karikku’s Tera Para, you already know what Shibu’s app is. On the show, the team develops an app that lets you order things from stores in your neighbourhood and get them delivered them to your home. Wish there was such an app in the real world?

Athinaanu ee app!

Source: Hylo

Hylo is a virtual ecosystem that connects you to businesses and service providers around you. Long story short, imagine Swiggy or Zomato for everything. That’s what Hylo is. Hylo aims to be the one app that lets you connect with your newspaper vendor, your milkman, and even your kid’s music teacher!

Hylo was launched on the 1st of Feb 2019 and is now live in Thrissur. Feels like this is a Thrissur pooram gift!

Trissurians can now use Hylo to order from Elite Supermarket, Rinz’s Creamy Delights, Taste Buds, Sugar Junkies, and Edwin. More businesses to get listed soon, I’m sure.

If you’re an entrepreneur in Thrissur, this is an opportunity to connect with your consumer base. Download Hylo Biz and get your business listed on Hylo. The magic with Hylo is that you don’t need to be huge to get listed. Hylo is for every type of entrepreneur – “intrapreneurs, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, brick and mortar stores”, as their website says.

And if you’re a consumer, things have just gotten way easier for you. Order away my friend, order away. Download the app from Play Store or App Store.

Thrissur, #GoHylo!

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