God’s Own Malayalis: Sharan Nair – The New (Malayali) King Of Comedy

What is comedy? Every joke we crack is in some way related to either a person, their inherent personality, or the world in general. And people like me love to chuckle at jokes that deserve a good laugh. But there are some ‘special’ people, as I would like to call them, who have the inherent ability to crack jokes like it’s in their DNA. That my friend, is a rare skill and we all wished we had it! I mean, imagine if the whole world had that entertaining DNA strand. All the world would have been a comedy stage, and all the men and women merely comedians. Wow, right?

But thanks to evolution, only very few people have the ability to crack jokes like a boss. One such person I truly admire (and occasionally stalk – just kidding) is Sharan Nair. You may know him as that Netflix Malayali dude who has a real fun Ammuma. We know him as a Malayali who is trying to make the world a better place. After his Netflix gig with his Ammuma, where she reviewed Sacred Games, Lust Stories, and Black Mirror with him, and the Battle of the Grandmas episode, where Shayan from Buzzfeed and Sharan go on to prove whose Ammuma is better, he became a star. This is not to say that he wasn’t a star earlier; just that he’s become more well-known in the Indian comedy space. 

Anyway, I got a chance to interact with the one and only Ammuma lover, sister annoyer and Malayali movie pranthan. And you’d be interested to know the ‘mysterious’ side of Sharan Nair. Take a look and meanwhile, grab a box of French Fries because you’re in for a good laugh.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Smart, funny and lazy and also very good-looking according to my mom and dad, but they didn’t say that because they are my parents. #FACTS

What’s the one thing that changed after your Netflix gig?

Ammuma has become a superstar and I have become her manager. People call and message me to ask if Ammuma is free to do movies, ads, etc. I have dreams too you know. 

What does your ‘perfect day’ look like?

Wake up late, drink chayya, meet my family for lunch at Ammuma’s place where she will feed me and they will all talk about how spoilt I am. Maybe a game of football in the evening with my friends, which I try to not to lose because I get very cranky. I love going for long walks too. 

If you meet someone who has never seen anything on Netflix, which are three shows/movies that you’d recommend?

Sex education , Narcos, and BROOKLYN 99 

Do you like Malayalam movies? What 3 movies do you recommend most to your friends?

I love Malayalam movies. 

  1. Premam ( heartbreak central) 
  2. ABCD ( too relatable) 
  3. Nadodikattu

What would you like to have as your intro music?

Haha, depends on the mood, but ‘Pappu Can’t Dance Sala’ would be great. Best lyrics ever. 

What do you enjoy more, posting content or watching your content? Why?

Posting content. I barely watch my own content because it’s for the people. Yes, I am doing this all for the people. Lol, I am kidding. I don’t watch much because I watch a lot of it during the edit and by the time I am done, I have rewatched bits and parts of it a million times. 

Who do you like pranking more – your sister or your grandmother?

My sister is violent so that’s definitely a motivation. Ammuma spits fire. Some of the truth bombs hurt so much. Mama would be my favourite one to irritate.

If you had to start a prank challenge, what would it be?

Going down on your knees and asking random people to marry you would be great. 

You bring up quite a few ‘sensitive topics’ with your granny. What was it like the first time you did it? Do you have any bloopers you could share with us?

Ammuma is very chilled out when it comes to all this. We talk about everything under the sun. There was a time in 6th grade when I bought a Valentine’s Day card for the girl I liked ( she didn’t like me ). I came up with some great poetry and kept it in my school bag. Ammuma has a great habit of going through my stuff so she saw the card and never gave it back. I acted like I never bought it. Till today, I don’t know where the card is. Things we must discuss. 

What’s the story behind the cow onsie? Does that show your love for beef?

I am starting a political party called the BDF. Points for guessing what it stands for. 

People tend to be self-conscious, especially in front of a camera. Did you face this issue? What would your advice be to someone who wants to overcome it?

Never been conscious in front of the camera, but I have stage fright. All you have to do is put yourself in front of the camera. It might be hard at first, but you will soon get used to it. 

Are you a ManU fan? Why ManU? If you were to choose one ManU lineup from the past, what would that be?

Mama bought me a Ryan Giggs jersey in 1999 and I had no idea what Manchester United was till I got that jersey. Been supporting them ever since. It’s more than football. They taught me about having a winning mentality, about never giving up and in life, that there is always Fergie time. 

The team of 2008 with Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Scholes, Giggs, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra and Van Der Saar. They were insanely good.

You seem to be quite fit. Do you eat healthy? Do you follow a diet? What does your workout look like – full body, upper/lower body, brosplits?

I usually workout 4 days a week but I have taken a break after a back injury. No diet but I always have oats and eggs in the morning. 


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