God’s Own Malayalis: Ranjini Haridas – Showing Us Self-Love Is Key To Success

Hate her or love her, but you can’t ignore her. Oh yes, we’re definitely talking about television anchor, model, actor Ranjini Haridas. Known for her confident extravagance and rising career trajectory, Ranjini is not one to hide behind play-act statements. Her unwavering passion to succeed in her career is itself a sign of being straightforward with her unabashed thoughts. Despite all odds, Ranjini is able to withstand all criticisms that fly thick and fast, while remaining composed and standing for what is right. She’s definitely a rebel in her own way.

While some may think she’s over-ambitious, we think that she’s conquered the Malayalam industry like a queen bee. Her decade worth of professional work is proof of it. Ranjini has dabbled with every aspect of creativity, right from winning the Miss Kerala 2000 pageant, hosting the Malayalam reality show Idea Star Singer, to surviving Big Boss as one of the strongest contenders. Ranjini was able to carve her own niche in the industry and she did so by being unapologetic, jubilant, and unpredictable. Clearly, she’s here to stay and slay her way to the top by surviving the test of time. Ranjini has risen above the mediocrity and shown the world that becoming a sensation is all about working hard and being fearless.

Ranjini Haridas gets candid about her life, her little quirks, and what makes her steal the spotlight every time she’s in the eyes of the public.

Describe yourself in three words

Unapologetically loud, brutally honest,  and wildly free.

I know that’s way over three words, but then again, when have I ever stuck to rules?

What are the three most interesting things about you?

I think I have the most boring, average life, unlike what people believe. But if I were to pick a few, then I guess I chase happiness, live alone and can’t cook to save my life. And oh, I love dogs.

What was it like to host the first episode of Star Singer?

I hardly remember it because it was a long time ago. But I’m pretty sure I would have been super nervous and excited at the same time.

What’s the one fan response that has given you the most gratification?

I feel really good when mothers tell me that they are glad there are girls out there like me whom their kids can look upto, learn to be independent, and follow their dreams.

What advice would you give someone who wants to overcome stage-fright?

Prepare well and just be yourself.

Who would you say are your role models?

I haven’t exactly modelled my life after anyone else’s but there are always inspiring people out there who have overcome challenges and achieved great heights. So, I think all of them because every time I meet such people, I learn a thing or two.

How do you stand strong against all the criticisms?

I have an amazing ability to laugh at myself so criticism has never really fazed me ever. I love everything about me – the good, the bad, the ugly. Understanding and loving yourself for who you are is key to facing the world.

How do you relax and de-stress when you’re having a hard time?

I play with my dogs, go on vacations, catch up with friends, gossip with my mother, catch up on the latest TV shows and off late, I’ve started meditating .

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What was the most memorable moment for you in Big Boss?

All I can say is that the whole damn experience was life changing .

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 23-year-old self?

I definitely should’ve had more fun for sure.

Are there some tips that you could give someone who is just setting out on their path to become an emcee?

The number one tip is to prepare well for the event. Learn the flow of the event, read up on the guests, artists, brands, sponsors, etc. By doing so, you get an overall idea of what you can work with. Once all the information you’ve consumed is in your head, you can use it as and when required. The moment you get these steps sorted, just get out on stage and have some fun.

What’s the one thing we won’t find in your resume?

I do throw some awesome parties, if I can say so myself. I also run a small volunteer based NGO for animals called Humanity for Animals.

Any Kerala dish you’d love to have at this very moment

I’m a sucker for Amma’s homemade dosa, coconut chutney, and ulli chammandi .

What’s your take on fashion?

I am honestly not much of a fashionista. Anything comfortable works for me.

Name three places in Kerala you love visiting the most. And why?

My apartment of course, because it’s my personal zen zone, Amma’s house because that’s home and Fort Cochin for the eccentric vibe.

What do you love about Malayalis?

The Malayali ego is unparalleled. Absolutely Love it!

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