God’s Own Malayalis: Apoorva Bose – The Lawyer Who Can Act, Dance, & Sing

Did you know that traveling locally does not come easy to people? The same goes for acting too. If there’s one person who has mastered the art of travelling and is a stunning, underrated actor in Mollywood, it is Apoorva Bose. The word ‘mundane’ does not exist in Apoorva’s dictionary. It’s as though her life is almost perfect with the right amount of drama, extravagance, and droll. You’d also love to know that she also has an ‘scary’ side that only her brother Sharan Nair can bring out. Heck, he has a bunch of Apoorva Bose videos that’s so funny that watching her goofy side is going to leave you in splits. Also, if you want legal advice, classical dance enlightenments, and wardrobe recommendations, she’s the right person to have a chat with – just saying!

Well, Apoorva Bose is this ‘chota packet, bada dhamaka’ type of woman; one-of-a-kind indeed. She’s born to be a star in every sense of the word and there’s no taking away the shine from her. This Kochi-born celebrity is all sorts of Bohemian, rewriting rules along the way. Inspired by Harvey Specter, she does not play the odds. She plays the woman.

While she’s busy working her way up the boss lady ladder, we got her to get candid on her life moments, her tryst with travel, her ‘secret’ beauty regimes and of course, the offbeat side of her life. 

Describe yourself in three words

Impulsive, vivacious, restless

How would Sharan describe you?

Best sister and best friend who can be violent

You seem to like travelling. Which three places would you recommend to a Malayali keen on exploring new cultures? (And why)

Greece: It’s beautiful and the culture is vibrant and eclectic and people are loving and forever chilled out. Definitely my favourite place complete with lovely fishing islands.

Paris: French movies, literature and architecture is all things to die for. And Of course its home to my fav spot to read, Shakespeare and company. I feel like a Woody Allen heroine when I’m there.

Rajasthan: Absolutely enamoured by the architecture, landscape and the food. So colourful and gorgeous! I’ve met some great people too!

What was it like working on the sets of Malarvadii Arts Club ? Is there a funny story that you can share with us?

It was so much fun. I was the kid on the set shooting for a film between my board exams. It almost felt like a holiday! I can’t think of one instance, but I shared a brilliant rapport with all 5 guys! And I constantly remember Nivin chettan and Aju chettan pulling my leg over every single thing I did on the set. I was the younger sister to all 5 actors and pampered a hell lot. This was translated on screen when I played Nivin’s sister in Hey Jude last year. He’s my fav co-star for sure. We fight and pull each other’s legs constantly.

What would your dream role be?

Arya Stark’s character from GOT. Such a boss character.

What does your typical day look like?

Wake up, have my chai (which I can’t live without) , yoga, then if I’m in Geneva, I pick up coffee and head for classes and conferences and head home after slogging away till 11. If I’m home, my brother annoys me all day every day, and we have our sacred family lunches that becomes tea time gossiping and end up going for dance classes and music classes.

What are your plans after post-graduating?

I want to work in policy making and human rights law. My area of focus is international law so I’d like to work in external affairs ministry or so.

If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? And why?

Flying! Invisibility ain’t my thing.

What’s the best prank Sharan has played on you? Do you play pranks on him, or is that a one way street?

He annoys me and irritates me to no ends. The boy doesn’t prank me per se. But he randomly takes my phone under the pretext of taking a picture and ends up sending messages to random people on Instagram and stuff. And he has this habit of going up to random people and telling them I like them. This happened in Pizza Hut once and it got so embarrassing that I had to run outta the place and never go back. I don’t prank him but I’m so savage that he can tongue tied, and Sharan is never at a loss of words.

Can you give us an insight into what your daily skincare routine looks like?

Honey and lime is something I swear by. I drink gallons of water and keep my skin hydrated and never use chemicals on my face. Milk with sugar can be a great exfoliater too. Basically I slather what I eat on my face, from oatmeal to fruits to curd. But honey is life.

What’s your favourite Kerala dish?

Ammuma’s meencurry for life

What was the last gyaan you gave someone?

I suck at giving gyaan. Probably to my best friend about living it up. She’s one of those extremely prim and proper person, unlike me. So I told her to take a chance, risk it all coz all you have is one life.

What’s something we would never guess about you?

I don’t cry. Ever. Lol. And according to Sharan I devoid of emotions. Pfft.

Three Malayalam movies you’d force your Non-Malayali friends to watch

Bangalore days
Kumbalangi Nights

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

I can travel on a whim. Most trips of mine have been a result of a sleepless night of cramming. And I take off to a random place. And I love travelling alone and befriending absolute strangers, partying with Georgians on a random night in Milan, meeting some brilliant backpackers in Amsterdam and clubbing with a bunch of Belgians in Greece is just a few of the many examples. I have no inhibitions! I don’t plan at all and take it by the ear always. Oh and if I’m mad at someone I can go without talking to them for years.


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