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How To Dress Up Like A Celebrity ft. Linen Trail

Linen Trail Dress up like a celebrity

At some point in our lives, almost all of us wanted to dress up like a celebrity we admire, didn’t we? The attire, hairstyle, makeup and so much are on our list to try! Thus, we thought we’ll help you with a list of ensembles that may help you resemble your favourite star. Let’s see how to dress up like a celebrity ft. Linen Trail.

Why Linen Fashion?

For those who are curious about linen, this originates from the bast of flax plants. Their durability is highly appreciated when compared to other fabrics. Also, some very interesting features like being anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable make it one of the most versatile fabrics in the world. If you want to start with sustainable clothes then this is just for you!

Sustainable Fashion Choice – Linen

To those who don’t know about sustainable fashion, it is an eco-friendly fashion practice. It aims at bringing the fashion industry (fashion products) closer to environmental integrity. The initiative was started on the account of increasing non-biodegradable fashion waste. Usage of linen fabrics is one of the many ways to implement sustainable fashion.

Time to see the looks you could create easily with the help of Linen Trail.

1. Recently, this look of our very own “Lady Superstar” had set social media on fire! This White-Black combination seems to be very familiar yet alluring. To recreate this look, here is our suggestion. From the Toda Collection of Linen Trail, try any of these permutations and combinations.

You can pair a Simarani: White top/ Farrar: Ecru top/Brie Scallop Shirt: White with a Scarlet: Checks/Scarlet: Black skirt. Any of these combinations will help you recreate this celebrity look effortlessly. Refer to the image below for clarification.

2. This shade of pink is a blissful sight. And when it is a pink linen shirt, you shouldn’t have a second thought about owning one! We really love how the simplicity of this shirt makes the wearer super charming.

To recreate this look, our choice would be a Wayne: Pink shirt with a good pair of ripped jeans. And if you’re not a fan of ripped jeans, then we would recommend an Ian Chino Pants: Beige. Get these and you’re ready to rock this look!

3. For day-to-day casual wear, we would love to mention this attire. Anyone who is looking for comfy clothes can go for this. No specific accessories are needed to pull off this look.

And what if we say that you can get this in linen? Yes! You heard it right. We would like you to take a look at Fiona: Blue by Linen Trail. Fiona Collection can be your choice to recreate this stylish look!

P.S. Want a matching mask to add on? Then you can go for the Blue mask from their Unisex 100% Linen Masks Collections. (You get a mask free with every order!)

4. Striped outfits always stand out from the crowd! And vertical stripes are perfect to make you look taller. You can clearly see how this celebrity looks absolutely stunning with this normal look.

To recreate this, try the Steve: White Pink Stripes shirt with Ian Chino Pants: Black from the Linen Trail collection for Men.

5. Festive wear can be overwhelming at times. Large patchwork, embroideries on them make the attire too heavy to handle. But with the Kamya: Pink kurti set, you can easily recreate this celebrity look. Simple, lively and a super stylish outfit!

6. The popularity of the men’s kurta range is increasing rapidly nowadays. For example, take a look at how our Megastar looks dashing in a plain-black kurta here. Classy and majestic, don’t you agree? His overall look has been amplified by an unnoticeable yet striking element, the double-breasted pockets. This detail adds the right kind of balance that tone down the formality of an attire. 

We thought of helping you to recreate this look. You can either head to the Men’s Kurta Collection of Linen Trail and get Wills: Black kurta from their festive range. Or if you want to sport the double-breasted pockets element of the look, you can get the Thomas: Black shirt. Thank us later! 

7. Sea green is definitely in trend these days. You can clearly see how attractive it is! Also, you can try experimenting upon it as per your creativity. This look is highly recommended if you want to dress up like a celebrity.

To recreate this, you may try the Vera: Sea Green kurta set. Also, it comes with a palazzo. And the beautiful detailing of Gota-Patti work is mesmerising!

8. The next look worth recreating is this celebrity look. It is a simple green shirt; a great choice for small events. Be it a formal event or minor festivities, this is a smart choice. We advise going with a Davis: Pine shirt to get this look.

9. A black kurti is an essential in every girl’s closet. So why not own something as comfortable as a linen kurti? Sarah: Black kurti is something to consider if you plan to buy a simple black kurti. To spice it up a bit, pair it with something from the Women’s Linen Trouser collection.

10. 10. When it comes to recreating simple and stylish attires of celebrities, how can we miss this? A blue Kurta with a Mandarin collar is an easy-breezy look to carry. To get this look, get Pete: Blue kurta from the Men’s Kurta range of Linen Trail.

11. A super cool summer dress that can also be used as a Kurti! This celeb style is easy to recreate. All you need to do is proper pairing. You can pair this with printed trousers or denim for a better and stylish look. So, opt for a Nora

12. A common doubt everyone has is what to wear with formal blazers. You can always rely on white shirts for this. Just look at how these celebs are carrying off the White shirt-Blazer combo gracefully! If you need help with it then here are some suggestions – Harvey: White, Cornes: White and Bently: White.

13. One of the easiest looks to recreate would definitely be this. A black shirt goes well with almost anything. So, to recreate this look, go with the Harvey: Black Collection from Linen Trail. You can also try their Ian Chino Pants: Khaki to pair this with if you don’t like printed pants.

14. Recreate this beautiful and elegant style using the Eva: Powder Blue Kurta Set. For any festive season, you can try pairing this with statement accessories. The look will be very simple yet adorable! The white palazzo comes with minute detailing of Gotta-Patti work which is perfect if you want to dress up like a celebrity. This is crafted for you if comfort, style and sustainable fashion are on your agenda.

15. A plain white shirt with rolled-up sleeves is simple and yet hard to miss. It goes well with the very traditional kasavu mundu or dark denim or even pants of lighter shades. It is the ultimate versatile fashion entity. So we would recommend the full-sleeves Harvey: White shirt from the Linen Trail Men’s Collection.

Those are some celebrity-inspired looks that you can easily recreate. Be it sustainable fashion or stylish outfits, linen fabrics can help you achieve both. So this season, go eco-friendly with Linen Trail and dress up as your favourite celebrity.

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