How To Build A ‘College Life’ While Studying In A Remote Location

College life is often associated with cities—instant lunches after tiring forenoon lectures and the clubbing that starts on Friday and lasts until Sunday night. This is the college life we all have been told and has dreamt about. They didn’t tell us that many premium universities are located nowhere near the city. You will see yourself entering a 1-acre campus located amidst a farm or a forest. 

I enrolled in a university and ended up amidst a forest. We don’t have any cafes to run into every morning. No pubs to party hard on the weekends. All we have is our campus and a small community of students. 

That’s why this article is for. Read on if you feel stuck and isolated in your college on the outskirts. We, too, have a way out! 

Mindset Matters 

How To Build A Solid Network While Studying In A Remote Location

You won’t get the same life as your friends in the city. Preparing your mind for a slow life detached from the glamour and fun of the city is important. Each place is different. It turns off your zest if you start ranting about how less happening is life on the outskirts. Find the good in the place you live so that people don’t find you as a whining machine.

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Be Presentable and I mean it! 

How you present yourself is a game changer. Present your best version on the first day. Wear ironed cloth. Make your hair the way it suits you. This won’t cost a fortune.

Smile, wave, say hello 

How To Build A Solid Network While Studying In A Remote Location

Not every one of us is blessed with a pleasant face. Some of us have a permanent resting bitch face. This cold, rigid face can lead to the wrong impressions. Smile, not stare, next time you pass a person.

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Say bye to your devices 

Having headphones on your ears every time you walk from one block to the other, scrolling through your playlists during lectures. If this sounds like you, listen, you have limited opportunities for socializing. It signals that you are neither interested in your batchmates nor the lectures. This is going to isolate you from your friends. 

Show up in college 

How To Build A Solid Network While Studying In A Remote Location

An advice that we pass down to all freshers is, “all you have is your college.” Make the most out of your college. Every time you miss a festival, you miss many opportunities to meet and unite with people. Take the effort to get rid of your bed and laptop. Go for strolls inside your university. Show up for festivities and parties organized within the college. And who knows, there will be some exciting soap operas of your life in the making. Lol!

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Be open, fun, and expressive

I know you are tired of hearing this suggestion. It’s not easy to ultimately unveil yourself to people you have just met. Even if you don’t completely unveil, being open, fun, and expressive can take you far. Communication is all about give and take. You can’t expect someone else to open up about their stories while you stay cold and highly reserved. Share things here and there.

Our social bandwidths are different. But it’s necessary to have a solid network and build your own college life while living in a secluded area. With these tiny efforts and gestures, the process will become less difficult. There is no rush; take it slow. Enjoy the slow life you have got right now. It’s not too late to try these.

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