How a ‘Biriyani Challenge’ Contributed 25L to the CMDRF

If there’s one thing we are extremely proud of, it is Malayalis’ feeling of togetherness. Sometimes, it is hartals that brings us together. Sometimes, it is food. And, this time around, it is food that has won the hearts of many Malayalis. Amidst the lockdown and quarantine, people have sought out measures and means to help the Government of Kerala tackle COVID-19. It was around this time that the All India Youth Federation (AIYF) in Alappuzha came up with a great initiative, ‘The Biriyani Challenge’ to help raise funds for the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

So, what is The Biriyani Challenge all about?

Youth groups who have volunteered for the initiative were tasked to conduct social media campaigns to promote the sale of locally-made biriyanis on specific days. Each group, from different localities, would find a local chef to prepare the dish, which would be sold locally for ₹100-150. Once the orders are received via Facebook, the biriyani is prepared accordingly and delivered on a specific date. The money raised would directly go to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

Fun Fact: Did you know that within a month the All India Youth Federation (AIYF) raised over ₹4.8 lakh for the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF)?

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According to the Chief Minister’s office, the youth organisation has raised over ₹25 lakhs in two months. Pinarayi Vijayan even commended their efforts during his daily commentaries, saying, “Youngsters really deserve a salute for this. We must appreciate their dedication and humane activities during trying times.”

What’s interesting is that this challenge is spreading from one district to another, with various versions of the biriyani being sold. Since it is for a good cause, people are willing to contribute by buying the biriyani. Since it is delivered at people’s doorstep, it works to the consumer’s advantage. This is a brilliant example that showcases the power of social media to support the State in building better facilities for the people of Kerala.

Aishwarya Gopinath
A foodie at heart, an aspiring novelist, and an enthusiastic writer by nature, I love to dig deep into culture and lifestyle of the place and people around me. I hope to make people cry, laugh, smile, angry, and satisfied with my writing.


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